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I play neopets and they have this game called KeyQuest. You are supposed to collect tokens. You sell the plushies in your store where you collect tokens. People are stealing the bar codes because they cost $8. They don't want the plushie, they want the token for the game. They just take barcodes off and type in the codes because the codes are in the barcode.

What is wrong with your security. Last year when I was caught stealing they arrested me. Why can't they find and arrest these people. You really need to tell security to do a better job. I think that anyone that gets caught stealing should get the death penalty. That way they will think twice before stealing. Too bad you can't control that. Hopefully Obama will make laws making the penalty for theft much stricter.

Anyways you need better security because the *** idiots that steal the barcodes make it so annoying. The security guard that arrested me is in a new store but your new security guards are *** and don't know how to do their job. Teach them how to do their job. I want to buy one or two collectables not to collect the plushies but to play KeyQuest.



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You all are horrible!Even the one who wrote the review.

Grow up people. Those who have made horrible comments to the kid who wrote this review are no better than he is. Act like adults and stop belittling someone for making a mistake and point it out nicely.

We're human we will make mistakes in our life, no one is perfect.Stop antagonizing already.


"I think that anyone that gets caught stealing should get the death penalty."


"Last year when I was caught stealing they arrested me."

So you basically just said that you should be dead right now. Grow up, kid.


Quit being a loser and pay for your *** key quest tokens through the neopets store on their site.How *** do you think you look buying a bunch of plushies, then complaining that the code is gone?

I'm assuming you're at least a teenager based on your language.Grow up and go outside or something.

to smarterthanyou #849044

Actually from his replies to other people he was 12 when he posted this.

to smarterthanyou #849045

Um this review was written 6 years ago, they used to sell the plushies in the store but stopped because of problems like the OP described, now they make it harder to get so you actually do pay for the codes.I think it is personally a waste of time or money, and for a 12 year old like the OP who will lose interest it is really a waste of time.

However people have their hobbies.His age was clearly stated, as well so guess you are not smarter than him.


Well you need anger management lol AND you're a thief haha go back to *** land

California, Kentucky, United States #716646

You must deserve the death penalty then, you little f*ggot.

Maybe you should get a life and a job instead of spending your parents' money on children's games.

to Moobot #849040

He said he was 12 years old at the time, who is going to hire someone that is 12.


oh my god you are an ***

and you're a thief haha oh god


So, you're annoyed with people stealing Neopet codes so you with the death penalty on them.Wow, someone has an unhealthy obsession with the game.

Yeah, it's frustrating, but wishing death upon someone for it?Yeah, I'm not that psychotic...

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