Las Vegas, Nevada
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My wife is visually impaired and has been going to this store for 20 years. Pompia in customer service refused to help her for over an hour.

She said when she asked her again she said I dont even know you. Talking to other *** managers they are all afraid of her causing a hostile inviorment.

This women should not be in costomer service and doesn't care about people at all. We are thinking about contacting the media here in Las Vegas Nv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Do you even know how to spell the English vocabulary? You need to go back to school and learn how to spell you *** ***!


It is a shame that the world has to 'Correct' continued ignorance such as yours. Do us all a favor and "Go back to school and get an Education"


Senate Bill is 1608 Don't know why a 'smiley' was implemented there huh???... but this is the correct Senate bill


Advise from a person working in the Building Div. for 22 + years.

There are ADA requirements in place here and Walmart is 'Fully' aware of these requirements.

I would immediately seek the advice of an ADA Attorney, and Cite SB (Senate Bill 1608) regarding accommodations required for those with disabilities.

It inexcusable for such a large corporation as Wal-Mart to act as if they don't know what their responsibilities are.

The last I was aware of, it is a $4000 per violation in a lawsuit? Worth investigating.


There is a difference between providing wheelchairs and scooters to customers who are disabled and going around the store shopping with them. They are required to provide necessity needs to get around, not be a personal shopper. This is not a violation, this is simply a case of a customer wanting individual attention.