Friday night May 7th 2021 I walked up to the door of the Fenton Missouri store on Gravois Bluff Boulevard at 10:44 p.m. and the door would not open and the vestibule was black with no lights on.

Store is not to close until 11 p.m. and the manager who opened the exit door was rude when I asked her why they were closed. She said it was closing time I said you don't close until 11 and she said we're closed and I said I need to get some food and she said we're closed and close the door. Now I have no way of getting food for my family until the morning because why your store was closed I don't understand.

I know Walmart is a multi multi million or even billion dollar company but *** poor performance tonight as the lady was extremely rude and kept sassing at me when I told her I needed food. It would be nice if I got a response and even some kind of compensation I'm very disappointed with Walmart

Location: Mexico, Missouri

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If they are closed, then they're closed. They want to go home and they're tired and if they make an exception for you, they would have to for everyone.


Get there so you have time to shop. You were going to take far more than 15 minutes.

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