Swayzee, Indiana

The Marion, IN Wal Mart is a frustrating place to shop, so I don't shop there any more. The parking lot is a dangerous place to walk or drive with traffic snarls because of an inefficient parking plan.

Inside, the inefficient and sometimes rude employees often make shopping a nightmare. At one point, 5 employees were blocking the aisles with large merchandise carts while they were loudly complaining about their employer. The aiseles are poorly and inefficiently arrange, making shopping diffuclt. Often aisles are crowded with carts of cardboard and merchandise waiting to be put on the shelves.

Checkouts are often not open and self checkouts disabled.

After making complaints to local management and WalMart headquarters, I decided to shop at the competition where there is less selections and higher prices. Avoid this place or shop at your peril.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Parking.

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Sounds like the Angola, In walmart.

they did a major revamp on this store during the summer. Now mind you the area is a hot tourist spot in the summer because of all the lakes in the county.

Why would someone do a revamp during their busiest time of the year?????

And the employees are horrible. poorly trained and rude.


Then stay the *** out of the store.