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Went to walmart to switch out some printer ink. After I was walking out the alarm went off. The lady would not except my exchange slip from the front counter. She then stated to me go back where you came from.

So I went back up to the customer service clerk . She then walked me up to the front door to explain to her that is was a exchange slip and stated that i was free to go.

As I was Leaving, the doors would not open, I then realized she shut and locked all doors. I then had enough of the situation and unlocked the side exit door ..

Info on my slip :

St#5034 op# 00004836 te#93 tr#06924

Ref#417900771654 appr code 812434

Terminal # mx742361

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They often hire people who speak poor English as greeters/receipt checkers. So my guess is she didn't understand what you were saying+ was racist or otherwise erroneously judging you as a thief.

I would have done the same thing in your position- walked out. Clearly the employee, for a multitude of reasons, should not be working with people.