New York, New York
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In the Electronics section to show how the televison works they usually show movies on the television. This particular location (New York City, New York) the manager allows customers to select movies that would be played for a week.

Some guy choose Harry Potter, another person Choose the new James Bond movie. I told the manager that I wanted them to play a Russ Meyer movie and he refused. He said it is not suitable for a family store. I told him to check the movies out, he agreed so I brought my collection in.

He told me he had not had time to see the movies. It has been three weeks and still he has not returned my movies.

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Now hold on a second here. I thought your movies were stolen after your house was broken into.

At least that is what you claimed on your Mcdonalds review. :cry.

Looks to me like someone is trying to get free "stag" films. Well do what every normal person does, get the *** channel, or get your thrills online.


It is not the country, guess it is the generation because I am from Kansas and we call it Hoppy Poppy as well.


You anonymous who wrote before me should know this is a troll complaint.

"Nice Name"

We do call it sex here, we also have a lot of other slang terms as you do like "rocking the rocker" "rocking the castle" "making whoopie" "doing the hankie pankie", "scoring" "getting laid."


You are the typical New Yorker-rude, discourteous, and always looking for something to complain about.


"Hoppy Poppy"

Is that what it is called in Canada, well here in the US it is called sex, or "***" if you want to be more vulgar.


Hey he probably did not expect you to choose a "hoppy poppy" movie, but then again he did not make any guidelines when he made the promise.


You're an ***