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My wife placed an on-line order of 4 DVD's, for site to store pick-up,with an Estimated in Store Arrival date of 9/2/10. She paid an additional $29.00 fir this service. The order was not here, (Sumter S.C., Store#511

by the estimated arrival date. On Monday, September 6th,2010, I called the store and then subsequently traveled to the store to pick up the DVDs so that I can mail them to her, (she is going to deploy to Afghanistan), and

is in route (Currently in Georgia), and will not be returning to Sumter prior to departure for overseas. I presented the clerk with the email receipt and explained why I was picking up the package and not my wife. I was informed that my name was not listed on the order, (which I had an email copy of the order and the total cost of $201.68 which inclu0ded the site to store charge of $29.00 I was told that my wife should call the store and verify that I have permission to pick up the order. (Policy).

I was also told this was to prevent the possibility of picking up some-one elses order. I really think that the personnel cannot see the forest be-cause the trees got in the way. As stated she is in Georgia, and pro-cessing for deployment to overseas, and time is at a premium. I hope that she will be able to call and satisfy the narrrow-mindedness of store #511 personnel.I wonder how many fraudulent attempts are made with knowledge of the persona first and last name to include and email recept for the pur-chases in the retail industry, and also how many attempts have been made to secure DVDs of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. I think that sometimes you have to give people the benefit of the doubt. I reaolly don't think that anyone would have all of the informaion, and the email receipt to pick up the package fraudulently. You may email me a reply to: or post to Ronald Draper, Sr. at 418 Arnold Avenue, Sumter, S.C. 29150-3838 If I am unable to retrieve the order, I am going to request a com-plete refund, including the Site to Store express Membership of $29.00 Thank you.................... Ronald G. Draper, Sr.

Monetary Loss: $201.

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Original post is either a troll, or misinformed. Wal-Mart does NOT charge for Site To Store delivery.

Period. It's an option for people who don't want to have to pay shipping costs, and don't mind their order taking longer to arrive.

Second post credited to RonDraper is obviously a troll.


Did you even read my letter *** ***. Her email was not hacked.

Where anywhere does it say the email was hacked. You must be small and narrowminded you ***. They need to give people the benefit of doubt. Also my wife is angry at me because am requesting a refund without her permission.

She is a lady, she had no right spending my money and if I want a refund I will get it. She did not ask me permission before placing the orders anyways and will be punished for that. She is not allowed any dessert. She did not ask for my permission to get a job, nor did she ask my permission to order the DVD's.

I am taking the money she earned from her job to punish her.

I should also not let her go on her trip. She is very lucky I did not tell her she had to cancel.


Thay do this because e-mails can be intercepted/hacked. Imagine if your e-mail was hacked, and somebody them was allowed to pick up your $201 order, you would REALLY be mad then. Next time, simply put it in your name in sted of hers and you could pick it up.