Warrior, Alabama

Where do I start with the Gadendale Al store rework. It has been a very bad experence from the get go.

Now I understand we need to grow and there are changes that need to be made in the store make up from time to time. But ***. My biggest complaint is they have reduce the number of brands they carry. Some of the best local name brand were left out all together.

What brands they do carry are at very short supply. There seems to be less of everything. Everything from chips to cookies ther seems to be less and less. A friend of mine works for one of the supplier and he said they are carring less of his and everyone else product.

I guess when the min wage when up this year the powers to be deicded to make cuts some where and the consumer is the loser.

It IS like when coke changes it product 20 years ago, they suffer from the change and so will Walmart. TARGET here I come.

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The decision of walmart to upgrade its stores and have less stock is not a presidential decision. My area walmart has less customer service as well (no cashiers).

This is how they keep their cost low.

If you are unhappy, shop somewhere else or continuee to blame the president of the country for what a business does. Crazy.


I feel your pain...the Sylacauga, Al walmart had face lift too. This was the worst Walmart I have ever shopped before make over and now looks cleaner and better but less product.

Garden shop you just can't imagine how bad. No where else to shop...small town and super center put all other stores out of business.


i have been working for walmart for a couple years. and from what i have noticed is that they only carry what is selling well in the store.

each store carries different products based on what the shoppers are buying. that is how they keep the cost so low. even though at times it can be inconvient it keeps the other products well under grocery store brands.

and luckily the one thing i can say about wal mart is that you will be back.. why pay $9 dollars for coffee at a local supermarket when you can go to walmart and spend only $6!!


It has been said for many many years that when the min wage goes up the consumer suffers the most. Gosh voting for Obama sure looks like *** now don't it? Good think I voted for Duncan Hunter.