Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
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I turned off my service. which was only in my name by the way, because my ex-husband stole my phone and they allowed him to turn it back on.

I then turned it off 4 more times and they still allowed him to turn it back on!!! I couldn't believe that they would allow anyone not on the account to make changes but they did. Their excuse was that he knew my pets name and birthday!! Unbelievable.

At least 50 people know my birthday and pets name so would they allow any of these people to have access to my account??? SO WRONG!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

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It's a prepaid phone. If he's turning the phone on, he's paying for the service.

I "suspect" you didn't file a police report. You're not getting the phone back - just get another one and get over it.

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