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I tried to switch to Straight Talk from a different provider. I ordered a phone online and then had to wait more than a week for it to arrive. Once I received it, I tried to activate it, but nothing happened, so I went to Walmart to resolve this issue.

The person at the counter called Straight Talk and talked to at least three people before he found some manager who could speak understandable English. He then informed me that my phone number will be ported into the ST phone and the phone activated within 10 business days. Well after 15 days with no cell phone, I had to go back to Walmart and have them call ST again only to find out that my number could not be ported and I needed to get a new number and wait for two more days to activate my phone. VERY hesitantly I agreed to do so. Four days later, I still had no working cell phone.

Finally, I had to renew my contract with the old cell phone services provider so that I could at least call ST and get a return authorization number that they require for all phone returns. Talking to their reps is infuriating. Never in my life had I such an incompetent person "helping" me for 50 minutes to get this number. It seemed as if I was being interviewed for a top priority governmental position because every little piece of information the rep requested from me had to be "checked" at least 5 times and then confirmed with a supervisor. In the meantime, I was put on hold for "only 2-3 minutes", which every time turned out to be about 7-8 minutes.

It was a rather frustrating experience. Even though the prices of ST services seem lucrative, I don't recommend anyone doing business with this company. They surely do not value other people's time and only make their customers' life as miserable as they possibly can.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I'm sorry, but what does this have to do with Wal-Mart? :?
This sounds like a problem with Straight Talk, since THEY are the ones giving you the run-around.

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