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Don't waste your time with this trash unless you want to call customer service every month to work to get your airtime actually ON your phone. Customer service is clueless and useless.

It takes hours at a time to get anything accomplished, especially if you try to purchase service plans online. Nobody seems to understand what is going on. My husband is out of town working and has to have his phone for business. I tried to refill his airtime using a debit card on

HOURS later, after 3 phone calls to customer service, he finally gets service. I had to call those people and get ugly about it in order for them to do anything to fix it and this is not nearly the first time I've had to wait on the phone for these people since I bought the phone 8 months ago.

I'm about to say screw it and go with a contract. Go somewhere else for service.

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Ok, sorry this was my fault. I should have learned how to use a prepaid cell phone before going online and talking *** about a store that had nothing to do with my incompetence. Next time, I will educate myself before throwing a temper tantrum.

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