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My Android phone died after only 6mos. I was about to just get another one when I was told to call Tracphone.

Since I didn't have another phone to cover me for the 7 days they suggested that I go to Wal-Mart and buy another phone transfer my #. Then when the phone was returned I should just return the phone. Unbelievable policy!! I didn't want to be without a phone for 7 days I did has he suggested.

NOW they are saying it will actually take 12-15 days to return my old phone. I am now squeezed to return phone to Walmart before their 15 day return policy expires. Not one of the script reading individuals was of any help, could alter from their script.

Incredible unhelpful and would not give me a phone # for US based Wal-Mart Customer service. I guess there is no customer service at Wal-mart

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Why get a phone at walmart? why not go directly to verizon stores, At&t stores?

Walmart doesn't have anything to do with the phones besides sell them they really do not care except to make a very SMALL profit OFF SOMETHING you can get at 15 other places.

Why give them this kind of business?? WALMART can not be good at everything and that is the bottom line, eyecare center, nail salon, hair dresser all over reach just to MAKE A QUICK BUCK!!