Clarksburg, West Virginia
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Bought a Straight Talk phone in April, 2010. Service lasted 29 days(not 30, as advertised).

Renewed phone card for another 30 days, haven't been able to make or receive a phone call or text since.

Called *** service 4 times for a total of 5 hours. No refund, no replacement, no return, no exchange.

I was lied to, and hung up on(put on hold and left for 42 min at 1 point, then call went dead).

1 month of phone service has cost me about 250.00 and the loss of a job. RUN AWAY FROM STRAIGHT TALK(they steal your money).

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I bought a Straight Talk phone off their website. It wouldn't even work.

I spent almost 3 weeks trying to get it to work. After all the fusing and nonsense they told me to send it in. I told them I just don't want the service anymore and to give me a refund. They told me they would refund everything even the service card.

I sent in the phone and now they are telling me they wont refund the service card.

They flat out lied and keep dicking me around and putting me on hold. I give up..


You have to be carefull about walmart. When someone returns an item that is damaged or broken they pack it back in the box and put it back on the shelf.

It looks like it was never opened and then when you get it home you have a product that was returned as damaged. Walmart is famous for this tactic.


I dont think this guy has much sense lol. I use straight talk too and the company is awesome.

I only pay 45$ for unlimited texting and calling. Im not sure how anyone could complain about straight talk.


same story for me. Bought into the straight talk deal by a slick Wall Mart sales lady.

I thought it was a cost saving measure. I have no service at my home. I am in the Ft. Myers Florida area and can see the towers.

I use the phone for business and now have to go to another provider. Wall Mart refuses to refund my $175.00 air time.

Way to go Wall Mart. :(


This comment seems to be a tad off. I use straight talk and called customer service once and never was put on hold. In fact i found the straight talk customer service representatives to be very helpful.