I DON'T recommend Straight Talk Wireless Plans sold in Walmart.

I made the mistake of getting it before New Year's.

They they transfer my phone # from my old carrier right away but failed to activate my phone until 5 days later. I was unable to call family for New Year's, lost business for 5 days and was extremely frustrated. I decided to find a more reputable company and when I tried to transfer the phone back, they held it hostage and wouldn't release it. IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE!!!

Never again. Don't use it!You will regret it.

Their service is the worst.

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Straight Talk has the worst customer service ever! I hope the dam place goes out of business!


Straight Talks famous last words: POWER OFF YOUR PHONE AND RESTART IT!!!If that doesn't work give us a call back!

!!! You can pull your battery and restart your phone all day long.

*** service will still be *** service!!!


straight talk has no customer service. I was sent in circles with no help. You are dealing with machines.

to Anonymous #1060306

Hi.I’m Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble.To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com.


Their HotSpot is a real nightmare.It took me 2.5 hours of phone time just to add 1gb!!!!

You never know when you are out of Gs.

Every time I have had to add GBs, I must make at least 3 phone calls to someone I can't understand.Hate em with a passion.


I just got a straight talk samsung galaxy

S3 went over 2.5 G.Can't do anything with my phone can't open emails.

STRAIGHT TALK SUCKS RUN TO A NOTHER PHONE PHONE COMPANY AS FAST AS YOU CAN YOUR TIME IS MORE IMPORTANT .You can't use your smart phone with the low 2G speed everything takes forever


I am having the same problem, They will not port my number to the new service. Asked for a supervisor and she yelled then hung up on me. HELP

Munster, Indiana, United States #799592

My name is Phil Gainer I purchased a Sumsung Galaxy S73 to come with $45 straight Talk wireless phone card online

.did not get card

order# 0000002626003641420

Item #61696005829

Please send me my phone card,, I usually have good experience

with Wallmart lets keep it going. Thankyou Philip Gainer


Running a Nexus 4 on ST right now, T-Mobile towers and I got 4g all day, haven't had a dropped call yet and even my data hasn't been capped and in well over using about 12 gigs in the last week alone.Extremely happy, half you complaining people are just morons it sounds like.

Buy a decent phone, read up online first.And not just reviews on Walmart, try forums!

to Daver Mountain View, California, United States #1171621

Been from the Poconos of Pennsylvania to central Florida.T Mobile comes in number 1 for worse service and coverage !!

Then comes Straight Talk. . Now I can't even send a single pic.

Of course Straight Talk blames att for there *** service.Bottom line : DON'T GO WITH COMPANIES THAT RIP YOU OFF!!!!!!

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