Los Angeles, California

I DON'T recommend Straight Talk Wireless Plans sold in Walmart.

I made the mistake of getting it before New Year's.

They they transfer my phone # from my old carrier right away but failed to activate my phone until 5 days later. I was unable to call family for New Year's, lost business for 5 days and was extremely frustrated. I decided to find a more reputable company and when I tried to transfer the phone back, they held it hostage and wouldn't release it. IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE!!!

Never again. Don't use it!You will regret it.

Their service is the worst.

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Straight Talk has the worst customer service ever! I hope the dam place goes out of business!


Straight Talks famous last words: POWER OFF YOUR PHONE AND RESTART IT!!! If that doesn't work give us a call back!

!!! You can pull your battery and restart your phone all day long.

*** service will still be *** service! !!


straight talk has no customer service. I was sent in circles with no help. You are dealing with machines.


Hi. I’m Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com.


Their HotSpot is a real nightmare. It took me 2.5 hours of phone time just to add 1gb!!!!

You never know when you are out of Gs.

Every time I have had to add GBs, I must make at least 3 phone calls to someone I can't understand. Hate em with a passion.


I just got a straight talk samsung galaxy

S3 went over 2.5 G. Can't do anything with my phone can't open emails.

STRAIGHT TALK SUCKS RUN TO A NOTHER PHONE PHONE COMPANY AS FAST AS YOU CAN YOUR TIME IS MORE IMPORTANT . You can't use your smart phone with the low 2G speed everything takes forever


I am having the same problem, They will not port my number to the new service. Asked for a supervisor and she yelled then hung up on me. HELP


My name is Phil Gainer I purchased a Sumsung Galaxy S73 to come with $45 straight Talk wireless phone card online

.did not get card

order# 0000002626003641420

Item #61696005829

Please send me my phone card,, I usually have good experience

with Wallmart lets keep it going. Thankyou Philip Gainer


Running a Nexus 4 on ST right now, T-Mobile towers and I got 4g all day, haven't had a dropped call yet and even my data hasn't been capped and in well over using about 12 gigs in the last week alone. Extremely happy, half you complaining people are just *** it sounds like.

Buy a decent phone, read up online first. And not just reviews on Walmart, try forums!


Been from the Poconos of Pennsylvania to central Florida. T Mobile comes in number 1 for worse service and coverage !!

Then comes Straight Talk. . Now I can't even send a single pic.

Of course Straight Talk blames att for there *** service. Bottom line : DON'T GO WITH COMPANIES THAT RIP YOU OFF!!!!!!


Also, if youre going to complain about losing your number because uou didnt pay your bill, youre an ***. usually you have about a week until you lose your number.

That can vary though from a day to a month if youre lucky. You cant really be mad at a company if youre just too lazy to pay your bill on time.


Mmmmkkk... First off, straight talk does have unlimited talk and text.

Data is capped at 1.5gb. So if you eatch netflix, skype, hotspot, stream music, etc there is a possibility that they will turn your data off for an undisclosed amount of time. When it comes to international calling, you can't just be calling international numbers, they can put a hold on your account because they assume you aren't making personal calls, and the system automatically blocks your international calling. Next, different phones use different carriers, cdma-v, verizon, cdma-s sprint, gsm can either be att or tmobile.

You can find this in the bottom left hand corner of your packaging. Next, porting a numbet from one company to another? Have your number, account number, pin, last 4 of account holders ssn, account holders name, billing address, and email to the account. you cant owe them money, cant be in a contract, and the srrvice has to be active.

The porting can take as long as 2 days, 48hours. In the mean time you phone will actuallu still work, after its fully ported, call your company and ask for a final bill. Also, the average person uses about 1.5gb.

If you want to watch movies, connect to wifi. Youre welcome.


IM sorry but the service really sucks.dropped calls,no internet,bad reception even in a urban area. It's not a good deal unless it actually works.

Walmart sucks,your stores are dirty and understaffed with underpaid paid people who could care less.

Selling cheap Chinese *** thats worthless,remember when you cared and sold american made items It's just a matter of time before Target gets it's share. Walmart is a joke and a soon failure.


The only issue I have is the customer service. It is well below a 0 :cry Everytime I call I get put on hold, a forign person answers and puts me back on hold and does not fix the issue.


I've had straight talk less than a year and I'm in my 3 rd garbage phone, call customer service and get a foreigner every time who can't help with anything. Service all around I'd terrible and a waste of money


I don't understand the complaints about the phone themselves--these are the same name brand phone you can buy from Verizon & AT&T! The Prices are ok per month.

The customer service does Suck--I believe most of the time you get the retards in India.

It took me three calls to port my number over a period of three Days. Don't call on Saturday or you will have to wait in line. Finally I asked for a Supervisor and got a lady in the Philipines. She was able to get my phone working in an hour.

The customer service in India is provided by a third party call center --probably called STREAM International. They do not provide much training & they moved outside of the USA to get cheap employees. In addition, a couple of hours after calling customer service, my verizon phone was spammed with text messages> I think some of the employees are taking the customers number and then spamming them.

Straight talk should fire the third party customer service company. They do a terrible job.


I have been with straigtalk for about three years. I love the service.

BUT GOD HELP YOU if you let your card run out. When you get it turned back on ,even hours later they want to give you a new number. I have had this number for years. So I usually have to fight with them for hours on the phone, and after three times I now go straight to the manager.

As we speak right now my son is fighting with them. He let his phone run out of minutes and they turned it off. He has been fighting with them for two days. What is up with this ***?

What could possibly be the reason for doing this to there costomers. So until they get a handle on this I wouldn't recommend.


Every where on StraightTalk's website it refers to Terms of Service, TOS. Those of you complaining about watch movies on your phones are clearly not following the TOS.

Even computer tethering is clearly a violation.

So far folling the TOS I've had no issues other than a few dropped calls but no more than my two previous carriers AT&T and Verizon! So complaining about you were shut off goes nowhere on my book!!!!


@You're kidding right!

I don't watch movies and they cut my data and can't get any customer service. Worst I've ever dealt with...

@You're kidding right!

Well They shouldn't advertise "unlimited data" this is clearly a false statement. Unlimited means unlimited, lets get real why should somebody need to read the T&C's (Terms and Conditions) for something that is supposedly included in their service. It's very deceptive/false advertising!!