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I have been a Walmart customer since I was a child. On this day in Febuary I purchased a 46' Sanyo LCDHDTV from Walmart for my bedroom. My boyfriend and I just moved in together and our bed was to be delivered on this day. So when I get home from work that night I had a brand new bed and TV, or so I thought.

The TV was a little fuzzy but we paid it no mind we needed batteries for the remote so we couldn't adjust the contrast. Few days later got the batteries and everything is good. Then one night the screen gets a black line and goes dark at the bottom.

Of course i had take the TV back because it hasn't even been a month. I had the receipt and everything. Come to find out the serial numbers on the reciept and the TV don't match. As a matter of fact we had a 40' plasma.

So Im flipping because I know I purchased this TV not even a month ago. I have the reciept,the remote,the little book that was stll in the plastic. Everythng! But we were treated like we weren't even customers. Like i didn't just spend a grand or more with them last month Buying a TV and stand and now noone wants to help.

The thing was they were telling me the TV I brought them was purchased Sept.2008 when my reciept clearly says i purchased my TV Feb.2011. Somebody has my new TV and I have they're old one. I was a tru Walmart customer but they were not there for me. Got sent hame with this busted tv I had left with before.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Busted. nice try scammer


i purchased a new lcd and had an old plasma in the box. i believe an employee swithed out their old tv for a newer one and i got stuck.

both tvs were purchase at the same store 2 and a half years apart. what are the odds...


So you tried to put your old, broken 40' TV in the box of a new TV and tried to return it. Nope, not going to fly. Nice try.


You mean they didn't even thank you for supporting the good people in Asia? What a ***.

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