Louisville, Kentucky

I waited in line for 10 minutes at 9pm with only one other person in front of me. Cashier needed a price check so I got to wait. Would it have been too much trouble to just scan and let me pay for my 7 items?

This site wants me to extend this to 100 words,,,hmmm,,,let me see,..

The floor was dirty, cashier was inept, and the Cornell products were overpriced. Hmm....hmm I'm up to 74 words now.

Night management could use a good *** kicking for not training the evening cashiers....this is 100 words.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Of course, if you were the customer waiting for the price check and the cashier scanned the next person's items while waiting, you would be *** about that.


Oh, well excuuuuse us. Everyone move out of the way for YOU because you and your time is SO much more valuable than everyone else's!


I'm sorry that 4 minutes were taken from your life. There's so much you could have done in 4 minutes.


Don't blame the cashier blame the person who was demanding a price check most likely because she is a WIC parent and could not afford to pay the 10 cents extra that they were charging. Also if you cannot afford the Cornell than buy your stuff at Goodwill.


you're a ***, seriously. next time, go to another register or just don't shop there because I'm sure no one wants to see an ignorant *** like you.

sure, she could have scanned your 7 items but then would have been on the current customers transaction, dumba$$.

the cashier needed a price check probably because there was no bar code or it just wasn't showing up in the system. mistakes happen.


Its your fault, you are the one shopping there. I hope you have children and all they can ever be are walmart cashiers because you spent all your money at walmart and not somewhere that pays a decent wage to all employees and decent benefits.


Do you know what price check means? It means cashier needs a price check due to no ticket on the item,it wont scan, or the customer thinks the item rang up wrong. It's not the cashier's fault, you could have went to a different line to check out!