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My Dirt Devil vacuum stopped working and I called Walmart to file a product replacement claim. The specialist told me "I'm sorry but your warranty has expired".

I informed her that not only did the box of the vacuum state that I had a three-year manufacturers warranty but the back of my vacuum states the same! Next I spoke to a supervisor who continued in her same vein. I felt like he insulted my intelligence by exclaiming they meant "parts only" when the conciseness of the brevity of "manufacturers" says it all! Anyway they refused to fulfill a valid warranty.

I feel like I just gave this company free money!!! How can you argue your point when my vacuum says that the Dirt Devil brand will care for my vacuum for 3 years and then this fake Walmart plan will come into action! I guess they are hoping for people to forget about their product plan or how its supposed to work!!! Don't emit "manufacturers" and replace it with "parts only" to breach your fulfillment of my warranty plan!

If this company were sued, they would stop misrepresenting themselves!

I'll NEVER purchase Walmart's Product Replacement Plan In My Life!!! What a waste of money!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Most warranties aren't worth the paper there printed on! Extended warranties even more so.

Using a Mfg warranty is that you need to ship it at your cost!

Shipping the vac would probably cost more than the vac is worth.

Better off to just purchase a new vac! You may be able to find a local official mfg repair shop that can fix it under the mfg warranty - not likely, or, some local fix-it.


Thank you kindly. I travel with my work so I barely used the vacuum.

It looks like new! Lol! Plus when I purchased it, the sales clerk gave me false information about how to use the warranty. So I just put free money in someone's hands.

Oh well, lesson learned.

Thank you for your reply. :)


Sessa! Please reread my entire message (all of them) before you comment.!

MikeBrady - Initially I wouldn't have had a problem relaying my entire story however when you chose to insult me I chose not to waste my time!

Thank you Bazzbo! I was wondering who in the world these people are! Unless they are affiliated with Walmart's Protection Plan Center, I refuse to waste my time. I am a grown woman and don't have time to argue with people who cannot FIX/CHANGE my situation.


Well you certainly don't sound like a grown woman. You sound like an ignorant, hysterical, child.

Again, if you had the ability to actually fully explain the situation you might garner some empathy, but at this rate, I can only laugh at your situation. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh and by the way, DIRT DEVILS SUCK!

Your welcome. :p :p


You're an ***. Learn to spell.


Well, miss reading is fundamental, why don't you point out where I insulted you. As long as I stand accused, might as well enjoy it: You are a whiny, ignorant, m o r o n. Now THAT is an insult.


Thanks for letting all of us see what a piece of loser trash YOU are! This is a venue to file complaints. It is not a venue for nutjobs to harangue innocent people.


That is not true. I am the chief nut job and it IS my job to harangue innocent people. To you I am MISTER nutjob.


I suspect they are Walmart employees or trashy losers who have nothing better to do.


I agree!!!


Aren't those two things the same?


Yeah, I'm confused as well. Why are you not contacting the manufacturer? And you say you read what was given to you but I'm guessing any Walmart "warranty" you purchased DID specify that it would only cover parts, and I think you'd have a hard time convincing us other wise.


Of course I read what was given to me Anonymous! You are quite idiotic suggesting the above when you just assume without being fully informed about me or my situation.

That's basic fundamentals 101... but only certain individuals can understand that!


So why don't you answer the simple questions I asked below. If you tell the whole story and don't insult others, maybe you will get nicer responses. Much hinges on how long you have had it and which warranty you are trying to claim.


Walmart accepts returns at customer service on most items up to 90 days. The manufacturers warranty is just that, a MANUFACTURERS warranty.

What you purchased was the manufacturers extended warranty that kicks in when the original warranty expires. After 90 days, it is up to you to call the manufacturer (800) number on the box with your complaint. They will have you send the vacuum to them to have it repaired. If it cannot be repaired then they will send you a replacement.

It is a product replacement plan, not a Walmart replacement plan. Did you read the booklet or ask the cashier when you purchased it?


Of course she did not read the booklet, just reading her review it is obvious she has trouble reading and understanding simple things.


I have to wonder what makes you an expert on what a stranger says about their problem with Walmart. Do you get paid to defend the store and their policies? E The customer has a legit reason to be upset if rude people at Walmart are not able to help him/her file a claim with this product they sold at check out.


I think you are confused. What is on the back of the box is printed by the manufacturer.

You should be filing a claim with them. Then you write of the Wal-Mart protection plan.

Which are you trying to claim? Did you purchase it more than three years ago?