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E mail for affidavits screw wal mart.let\'s out this rotten corporation and get our America more gettin rich over screwing hard working people.let\'s stand up and fight!

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Wal mart sucks period.I compare it do a daycare where your only the teachers pet if you can kiss enough ***.I was an ap for 3 years straight in the ghetto.i fought and did whatever you could think of for this store.I was to good,a co worker was jealous of me and he always kissed our bosses *** and tried to always tell on everyone we worked with.then I caught him watching me.I confronted him cause I was sick of the childish games well being the bosses *** boy I got fired two days later.see I got a lawfirm never had a write up or nothin.I will expose this rotten *** company look for me on the news I won't rest till wap mart answers in court how they screw people.Irving would like to give a sworn affidavit to add to my lawsuit and stand York mail me my lawyers will contact thanks see you in court wal mart.

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Good luck on that lawsuit.

I hope your lawyer spells better than you do.


Walmart is well known for allowing sexual harrasmentt. They abuse there employees and treat woman like they have no rights.

Walmart had a store in a high crime rate area where people were getting mugged, raped in there parking lot, but they refused to spend money for cameras to protect employess working there and the customers who were spending there hard earned dollars at there store. They heard a union was going to try and organize Walmart due to the bad working enviroment and crime rate and to protect the employees from being fired or what ever they wanted to do to them so then they purchased cameras and hired union busters, thats how much they care about the employees and customers.

Good Luck! Hope they get what they deserve!!


Will never happen. Beleive me, I'm not happy about it; Walmart is the most evil thing in America today. They treat their employees like slaves and pay them the same way. However, you need to keep a couple things in mind;

A) You can't sue walmart. I don't know you or how much money you make, but I know for a fact you don't have enough money to do this. This is America buddy. Here you only get justice when you can afford it.

B) Without Walmart, where can you buy a $30 DVD player, or a pair of shoes for your kid for under 20 bucks? For us minimum wage earners, Walmart is sometimes the only place you CAN shop.


You live and work in the ghetto and want to sue the largest corporation in the world--a company that makes billions upon billions of dollars each year, and who hence should be able to afford the best lawyers around, and who also have money to just delay and delay any of the process from a court date, while you're continuing to run out of what little money you have to pay your own legal fees? Best of luck with that.


I worked for the Wal-Mart dc in Marcy NY for almost 13 years. When I got up $20.00 an hr.

They decided it was time to go. They fired me because I was reading articles on the computer to help stay focused at nite. It was ok for the managers to spend time on the computer but not me. I guess if I slept my way to the top as they did it would have been overlooked.

I dod not know about the stors. But what I can tell you is there are a lot of managers at the marcy DC who got there becuse of who the had sex with.


Hey battle proof next time you call some one a dummy take a look in a mirror you may be surprised at what you see and Law Firms will take any case just to get money because if you loose you still have to PAY them same thing if you win but I can guess they will be taking a big chunk of anything that you get or don't get!

F========================You and your remarks Battleproof! Go get a job and actually earn your pay check instead of sueing.

Were you fired for being retarded? :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

I see a lot of people hate the ignorant people who come here just to ***.get a life some people post these things to help and open shut all in all u can't ignore facts research and by the way my lawsuit isn't over a quick paycheck.its over right and wrong.I'm eager to get these folks to court and put the facts down.I just want their jobs and help all those who have been taken advantage of.I'm done posting here I don't have time for ignorance.mark my words though people I will make that should u.


And please get facts before u support an ignorant *** company they ruined the textile business in America sending over millions of jobs ignorant people if u support these folks your directly not supporting America as a go elsewhere to complain I'm trying to open peoples eyes its a shame our parents had more opportunity than we do.were going downhill wake up.


U people are ignorant as *** and its a touchscreen words screw up themselves.grow up and go hitch elsewhere u miserable ***.you must b on welfare like everyone at wal mart.gee they really provide.poverty that's it!grow up people this is a real issue corporations likecwal mart have to go isn't it odd 30 years ago u could make more than u do now.gee wonder why cause idiots like u all who are blind to what's happening to ruin our American way of life.if minimum wage and welfare is what u want go to wal mart.


By the way wal mart employee no write ups ever 4 nothin duh.wal parts lawyers can kiss my *** I will own them.I'm well prepared my law firm wouldn't have took it if there wasn't wrong done dummy.


People u waste my time being ignorant.u do have rights as an at will employee so please don't speak if your ignorant..ask yourself this in what way any wal mart good?low paying jobs no benefits and not to mention they employ nothin but *** there.ifvu ain't. Smart enough to wake up and see how it affects your communities I feel bad for you.your children will suffer.

sue their *** :cry

I work for Wal-Mart you *** and first off all what the reason you were fired? They technically don't have to have a reson for firing you maybe you took long breaks and lunch breaks not to mention were you late or call out alot, Wal-Walmart lawyers are going to eat you up and spit you back out!


Unless you were fired because of your age, sex, religion, protected disability, or ethnicity, you are going to waste the resources of our legal system.


Can you say...pyscho!!


And by the way most of my former store employees have signed this so what's that tell you about how they feel?


Folks there are things you can do to keep these stores out of your city.just look at figures.wherever wal mart is crime goes up and local businesses go away due to their monopolyvon the retail market.start a petition before they ruin your American way of life.I have a petition with 15,000 signatures to get them away here when I go to court ill present this people around here have woke should u all.don't let them make you and your family suffer.that's what will happen.


This is for serious people not children or suck ups.


Go away puss wal mart kiss Fuh q and wal mart loser.

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