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This month I purchased two novels for my mothers birthday. My mother did not care for them and when I went to return or exchange them Walmart informed me that they could not return the novels due to sme 24hour return policy.

however there is no policy posted anywhere in the store. I am stuc with 30dollars worth of books and not a dam thing they will do about it. Furthere more thier employees dont know any of the policies on returns or exchanges. I HATE WALMART AND THERE RUDE EMPLOYEES.

Walmart does not satisfy its customers it is infact ripping them off.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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If you are dumb enough to believe in such a thing as a 24 hour return policy, then you deserve to get ripped off. You should have talked to someone else, like a manager.

Not to mention, what is it with all of these misspelled complaints? If you're going to rant, make it legible!


Has anyone seen how Wal-mart customers are towards all front-end assocaites. I'm ashamed of some of you-- how much was the book $5.00, was it really worth the time and the gas to bring it back to the store? Where do you work, do you follow the rules or do you think you above it all


do any of you have anything better to do-- complaining on a web site-get a life!!!


it is good that you bought your mother books but it is a store not a library. They have laws against returning books, cd.'s DVD's. You have to obey the law.


If you call the store, you can ask for the name and number of Market Manager. Explain it to him/ her and they may be able to help.

Wal-Mart does have a more complicated return policy, especially for CD's, music, etc. It used to be a free for all return but that may be a new policy. Your arguing point could be that the policy was not clearly explained or communicated to you.

If the Market Manager doesn't help you, ask for the Regional General Manager's name and number. Cheers and good luck next time.


Sorry Frenchie, but telling people they can email a complaint to walmart is a *** lie. You click on "email" and it sends you to the home page.

I know, I had a complaint and tried that system. Since Sam died, walmart has done a kmart - it's hard to get help, the help is rude, and the store screws you when you shop in good faith.


Sounds like you had a pretty raw deal and I am sorry you feel that way. Yes there is a policy and the policy is usually listed on the wall howevever not every policy can be stated.

Like life somethings just make better sense. If you owned a store would you allow your customers to return magazines and books whenever then it would into public library. Having saying that sounds like your story is special case and they should have work with you. and you should called the 1800-walmart line or emailed them.

They send all complaints to that particular store and that manager must call you to fix the problem. Also did you talk to a csm or member of management. I don't think you could have gotten your money back but at least an instore credit(gift card) probably would have been the best compromise.

Unless you did not have your receipt. Still if you would have explained your story to an higher authority person maybe you get the results you want.