Clearwater, Florida
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Came to change a flat tire on friday 10/23/15 got there at 9:30 am left at 2:45 PM !!!!!!!!!

They had one tech working and as the great service provider they are the girl behind the counter "Alyssa: informed me i'm S-O-L.

Indeed i was .

super center store pinellas park fl.

If you want to make money you should have EMPLOYYES so your paying customer would be happy to throw their hard earned money at you .it is that simple !!!!

Do not make your customer wait almost 6 HOURS !!!!!!!

Thank you but no thank you .

And to add insult i shopped to see if i saved money wal mart was more expensive than Good year !!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Supercenter
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Walmart and Florida go together like pancakes and syrup...


I wanted to refer to her as a lady but she does not deserve it.

If you remark to your customer that he is S>O>L you are nothing but an immature GIRL.


I don't think you understand how retail works exactly, most likely because you are young. If they want to make money they don't hire enough people, and they therefore don't have to pay them. They don't really lose out because people would rather stand an hour in line to save $10.


Thank you for assuming .

But the fact is i have close to 25 years of service/retail experience

I take your remark about me being young as a compliment.

The fact is they gave me a terrible service and they don't even care .

And they do lose money they just lost my spending dollars .

A word of advice dear lady is to never assume stick to the facts, its like me assuming you are a woman ,over the age of 30 with a high school education who works for the p.r dept of walmart . Just an assumption not a fact