Little Rock, Arkansas

I received a Walmart sales slip with a saying to take a survey and receive some discounts from Walmart. It was just a way for you to get my email address and bonbard my email with lots of companies you sent it on to after receiving my survey.

I started the survey and it was obvious that you were going to send out my email address to lots of location.

I have been receiving endless emails from every kind of businesses that I never received before. You have sent out my email address to others. Take my name off your list now.

I do not want emails from all the companies and want you to be honest with the folks. Thank you.

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I found out the hard way, exactly what you said happened. What a scam, and you never get to the end to be entered for the Walmart shopping card.


I took the same a few weeks ago and no problems. OH wait I read what comes up on my screen before I do anything further.

hmmmmmmmmmmm Maybe it has someting to do with a little check mark that you can mark or not asking if it's OK for Walmart to send your personal info to other companies? Maybe?

I found it and unmarked it.

Again no probs.