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I was shopping in the garden shop today in Catonsville, MD and was assisted by a new associate. He was attentive, courteous, and more than frustrated.

As I have hired new associates for Walmart in the past, including one who eventually became a store manager, I realized this young man was well worth having as an associate, and someone with a work ethic, which is increasingly hard to find in our current society. He apologized for not being completely comfortable with the register, especially when error codes came up on the screen. He requested help and was eventually assisted. Another time he requested change, twice, and it never came.

I know everyone is busy, but if Walmart does not take care of an associate who obviously cares about his job, then Walmart cannot take care of the customer either. Since he had not received much training the first time around, he was offered a cashier to stay with him in the garden center for 2 hours. But the threat was implicit that he had better get it together. This from someone who didn't really want to be bothered with this new associate.

That was obvious.

Since this store is my neighborhood store, I hope this young man gives Walmart another chance. He is an asset, even if Walmart doesn't seem to know it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: better training needed.

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I don't understand why must adult consumers treat people like slaves. Sure your money is good, but it's doesn't buy my self worth.