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This past Friday night was the last time I had to Christmas shop before I had family members coming in, so I took advantage of it and went shopping. I had no problem at the three other stores I went to before Walmart.

I was in the back of the store in the electronic area when I had to *** Looking at what all I had left on my list, I figured, "Go now, or else you won't have a chance." Couldn't find the *** bathrooms for another 10-15 minutes, and at that point I had to go! Once I finally find them, hidden in the back in the photo center, I nearly run into the cart of cleaning supplies.

The *** bathrooms are being cleaned by an un-Godly slow employee who was visually pissed/peeved/mad as *** that I was there in. Instead of leaving to let me do my business or anything else, he informed me to leave and go use the ones in the front. I asked him, "Seriously? I have to go." He then asked me if I knew where the *** the ones in the front were or if I needed help getting to them; seriously "bathrooms in the front of the store," I think the location of said bathrooms are in the title.

I did use the bathroom next door, as in the men's room. Thankfully, no men in Walmart at 11 at night that needed to ***

I mean seriously Walmart? If I have to *** bad enough to leave a cart full of video games unattended for any passerby to take and run, what the *** makes you think go across the store?

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Oh no! Not the video games!

Any thing but the video games! Here! Take my first born son!

Take what ever you want just not the video games!

Is this what we have become?

And yes this is the type of person that would complain about dirty toilets.


You further continue the myth of the normal Walmart customer being low class citizens.

I read all the way to the end of your story before I read that you were a woman(notice I did not say lady). Your language certainly did not give that away...


Apparentely you are that dumb that you can't figure out where the restrooms are. Even a two year old can do that. :roll


It's standard practice for most companies that they have to allow the customer to go and then return to cleaning. I've worked at places that we had it in policies. We'd lock the door to get around if it was a slow time of the day, but other that you can't deny a customer to do their business just because you're working - we'd just have something to do until their done.

"False sense of entitlement?" The employee had some "false sense of entitlement" that he could order me around when I had to *** Like I said, I couldn't wait long enough to walk to the other side of the store; so I obviously couldn't wait for him to clean it, as slow as he was going, either.


That's silly to be upset about. It's not the employee's fault that you had to go to the bathroom, and to have convinced yourself that you're somehow more special than anyone else and that you deserve to go into the bathroom when it's being cleaned means nothing, it's just some false sense of entitlement.