Denver, Colorado

Walmart is the only store within 15 miles that we can buy material and sewing supplies. Being on a fixed income and not being able to drive as well as I used to, taking out this department is very inconvenient for me as well as the other ladies in my age group.

If you do away with the sewing dept. and we have to drive across town to pick up a spool of thread or a zipper, let alone all the material that we have purchased from you, then I see no reason to shop at your store again. Your prices on food and other merchandise can be found at the same price or even less expensive at King Soopers and Albertson's. It was the sewing dept.

that kept me going there because I sew a lot of quilts and clothes for all my 11 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren, as well as for myself. Apparently Walmart doesn't want to make it convenient for the elderly.

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We still do have needles and thread and other sewing stuff just not the CLOTH! Like Simon said it was just not making money!


Wow lady, do you really think Wal-Mart should keep an unprofitable section just because of the distance you will have to drive to go somewhere else? THE CRAFT SECTION DOES NOT MAKE MONEY!

Will you and your friends pay Wal-Mart tens of thousands of dollars a year to make up for lost profits to keep that section open?

You want to turn it into "Walmart doesn't care about the elderly blah blah blah".

Walmart is a business, not a senior care center. I would've expected someone in your age group would have a basic understanding of economics.