I'm finding that Walmart is now preparing openly for the New World Order to take global control. I find that when shopping at Walmart they often have lines where only cash or credit is accepted.

But to be honest I hadn't paid that much attention because I have been to many store where this has occurred. However, yesterday 02/14/2014 the day designated for love the Walmart I attempted to shop at had many feeling anger and disgust as Walmart would only cash out those individuals using some sort, any sort of a debit or credit card. NO CASH! I was told by an employee that there was no CASH in any of the registers in the self checkout and she didn't think the regular registers had any cash either.

To be honest it really scared me because I could not buy orange juice which was all I went for. Please pay attention people because the signs are in our faces.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Location: Marietta, Georgia

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walmart sucks. and Yes they want to get paid from your credit card company or from your bank. They love to have your banking info more information for them to sell


I don't care one way or the other about Walmart. There actually isn't one that close to my house.

I have to drive past like 3 targets before I encounter the closest Walmart (so I opt for target which is totally fine with me). I tell you all that to assure you that I'm not some diehard Walmart fan who is blindly sticking up for them.

That being said, are you saying that you think Walmart gets paid by the credit card companies to accept credit cards??

Isn't it usually the other way around (the merchants pay the credit card companies a fee in order for their store to accept credit cards)? Isn't that why some convenience stores (usually not well established ones) don't take credit cards?

Do you only hate Walmart because your conspiracy theories tell you to or do you have a real life reason?

@Tanishka Bix

minind date. paying with cash they can not see who you are where you live what you want to buy.

it is all about mining data and by the way TARGET your 3 stores closes to you LOVES GETTING YOUR DATA. do you buy things at target in bulk CONDOMs YOU MUST HAVE 10 women YOU NEED to buy flowers for for valentines day (coupon given to you) do you use lots of body wash (coupon for paper towels) ect


Yeah I understand all of that. I know that most if not all major companies want to collect data on you.

My whole point is that if you want to pay only in cash then maybe the self checkout line isn't the way to go.

I'm doubtful of the original poster's complaint that an employee told him that NONE of the registers in the whole store had cash in them even the registers manned with a cashier. Of course the self checkout ones don't but the regular ones do.

Also, starting any complaint with the words "preparing openly for the new world order" is a great way to get everyone reading your complaint to not take you seriously.


Paranoid much??

Anytime I've gone through a self checkout using cash wasn't an option and I didn't expect it to be. You also can't buy alcohol through the self checkout without an employee coming over to ok it. I suppose the illuminati has something to do with that??

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