I went into the Talladega, Alabama Walmart and gathered up the items that I needed and went to be checked out by cashier. I stood in line for 20 or 25 minutes and when the line got to where I was next to be checked out, the cashier turned her light off and put a closed sign at the end of her line with at least 10 more customers behind me in the line.

We then had to go to the back of one of the other 3 lines that was open and wait another 20 minutes. Every customer in the store was as mad and upset as I was. I was in line 10. I do not know the cashier's name.

I did not get close enough to see her name tag.

This was my worse trip to ever shop in any store. I have about decided to go to the Piggly Wiggly to do my shopping.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Also how do you know that every customer was as mad as you are, there must have been at least 300 customers in the store, did you ask each and everyone of them? Nope this is a lie since you claimed you were in the line the whole time, being caught lying how can anyone take you seriously huh? If they were angry perhaps they were angry at you for pestering them?

First Born Triplet

That is what she did, trust me I was there and she asked me several times, and I said no, but then I got angry and said yes. I was mad because she would not let me shop in peace.


How did you know the other customers were mad as well, did you do a survey or something or are you one of those psycho's who thinks they have the ability to read other people's minds?