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I had the same problem as others on this site. I am disappointed that walmart allows this company to advertise on their site and that they let them get by with unscrupulous business practices. I bought a computer sleeve from them not noticing that it wasnt from walmart. i trying to send it back and no answer ever on the phone calls and no return calls. I paid $16.00 for the sleeve plus another $12.00 to send it back and have not heard a word from this company. they didnt provide a return label and I sent them my receipt for the money I sent to send the item back and still nothing. I also called walmart and was told that someone from corp would call me and that has been two weeks ago. Beware, if you order from them just kiss your money goodbye. Will never order from walmart either because they allow this to happen on their site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Advertisement.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Returns are simple through Tasharina. The return policy is also posted on Walmarts website, so I don't know why consumers are mad over something they didn't read.

I read the return policy and got my item returned and refunded quickly. Some people just have to complain about everything and anything.


I also had the same issue with Tasharina. The are a seller that has bad business practices.

They Shipped me an item that is defective. It doesn't work as promised. Walmart said head to the seller. That would be Tasharina.

Tasharina name and info are on the package.

They don't have record of it. Definitely dont trust them or Walmart.


They are a rip off and need to be shut down I am waiting for a refund too.


If you used a credit card, contact your bank and have the charge looked into, and perhaps even refunded.