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i was traveling 400 miles from home on a emergancy situtation. My left front tire started leaking air throught the valve.

I went to the walmart tire center and asked them to fix the valve and replace the tire with one I had and the tech and manager refused because all my tires were bad but I had bought a new set and was waiting on them to be delivered. The condition of my tires had nothing to do with the emergency situtation i was having. I now have to drive 400 miles home on a tire that is leaking air. I did not ask anyone to replace or touch the other tires it was just the one.

I was here in malone on a emergancy situtation and I should not get treated with tons of disrespect because I was driving on bad tires. I am very upset at this situtation and will never go back to your store for any auto work and I will be letting everyone I know not to go there either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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A can of Fix-A-Flat would have done wonders and not put Wal-Mart in a liability situation.

Quit thinking with your dipstick.....


Was it an emergency situtation?


A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency.


As bad as WalMart can be in the customer service area, the guys in the auto center probably did the right thing in refusing to touch a bad tyre. They cannot afford the liability to do so.

You should not be driving on bad tyres anyway. You are a danger to the rest of us responsible drivers.

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