Milledgeville, Georgia

I have bought groceries once a month for 30 years. I've been shopping this way at Wal Mart ever since they started selling groceries, but now that they have Tele Check, 4 times now it won't accept my check!

The money is in the bank, I have no bad credit, no bounced checks, nothing, but it won't take it. They tell me at Wal Mart and at Tele Check, that there is no way for them to over ride the computer. WHAT???? Humans made that system.

If all their computers shut down and didn't take checks, credit cards or debit cards, I guarantee you that they would not just say, 'Sorry, but it won't let us take it.' NO, they'd be finding a solution!

Today I walked out of Wal mart and left a month's worth of groceries for them to put away. I'm sick of it.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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the fault is all 3 sides....telechecks walmarts n who ever printed your check....the reason why telecheck wont cash your check is because the machine is designed to read the numbers from the bottom of the check and if the gap is to big from the bottom of the numbers to the bottom of the paper telecheck cant read it....n the walmart employees dont know this so there for keep trying to run check thru normally n fail...but what they dont know is that if the bend the check just a tad than telecheck can read the account numbers and process your check...Ive had it happen many of times....and the person running the register tinkered with my check and made it there are many walmart employees that are just plain dumb n will not even attempt to try that....cause all there faith is in that nothing could ever go wrong.....


maybe there wasn't a solution..? get a debit or credit card and stop whining.

First B

i agree after all this was written in 2011 not 1980, the cashier probably is too young to know how to cash in a check, I don't know how these things work myself.


Hey i have a solution...f**k Walmart!!!


Quit writting bad checks and this wont happen


You don't have to write bad checks for it to happen. Sometimes it just happens.

National B

I would get a hold of your bank ... Then tele check if they both say its not their fault I would conference tele check with the bank.

I wouldnt blame walmart since this obviously came from tele check.

Tele check either said you have no funds or you screwed someone in the past. only two options they have next two yes.


The same thing happened to me too. I went there to cash my paycheck, and I had cashed my paychecks there for almost a year.

Anyway, all of a sudden they say that they cant cash said paycheck cause "The order had expired" WTF?? So, I had to call that *** Telecheck, and they didnt have a reason, then I had to call payroll at the company where I work, and they had no reason why that happened, and i FINALLY QUIT GOING THERE.


Why write a check? It gets voided and handed back to you.


My God people, who writes a check anymore? Apparently you're the one at the front of the line, holding everyone up with you're archaic method of payment.

As we move closer to a cashless society, you're still passing off the equivilant to an I.O.U. Also, do you really expect customer service from Walmart?

Incase you haven't heard, Walmart is like the worst employer in the country. They use every oppurtunity to take advantage of their own employees, what do you think their goal is toward their customers ?


the older generation still believe in writing checks my mom still does and there is nothing wrong with it. one day younger will be looking at you and saying he stil makes his purchase with a debit card. So give people s break on day you will be in there shoes.


Because let’s say it is Friday and you get paid Monday. You have money in your bank but you don’t want your grocery shopping bill to effect your balance for the weekend.

So you hand the Walmart cashier your blank check and say “just for the amount”. They put it in the machine it runs, you sign and they print the receipt. It takes no extra time.

Then that money you spent on Friday will post to your account on Monday. Right when you paycheck gets deposited.


I had this exact experience that happened to me too. I'm in Wisconsin though, and I had sufficient funds in my check account.

I tried to call telecheck for weeks now. They are taking forever to process my info and to have a live customer representative to answer my concerns.

My conclusion is 'Telecheck' has computer problems. Switch to Debit card when buying at Walmart from now on.


The csm can't override the register. So don't blame them for it.


I had this exact thing happen to me as well! I even went so far as to contact telecheck at their customer service counter.

After going through their automates system which took about 10 minutes of being rerouted...I finally was able to speak with a 'live" person of whom I could barely understand. After confirming all the info I had manually entered, the result was " I'm sorry, I have no idea why your in the system and why your check will not go through." Even then the CSM would not "over ride" the computer. Although I was polite and courteous, I was frustrated with the time I spent shopping for groceries (like you, about a months worth) and concerned now about my credit report as I am very vigilant with my finances and such.

Needless to say, I will not visit that Walmart in Lawrence Kansas again nor any Walmart in the future! I figure they just not want my business!!


I had this experience recently in KCMO. Funds were in the account no bad checks or bad debt.

I just lost my debit card so I canceled it and had to use a check for the first time in forever. I would love to *** Walmart, but when I went to a merchant who did except my check in the same community every single items was 25 -50% more expensive than Walmart.

I ended up with about 1/2 as many groceries for the same money. I can't afford to boycott Walmart, but the experience was frustrating.


Occasionally it does happen. I happened to me the other day as my husband had my debit card and all I had to pay for meds was a check.

I wound up going to the bank and writing a check for cash to come back and get the medicine. Telecheck needs to update or something.