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Well it happened to me too. my check was 'declined' by telecheck for unknown reasons in a crowded line at Walmart.

It was embarassing at first, (although the clerk was very polite) but the manager came over ran it again, the sighs of irritated customers were heard, the shaking of heads of disapproving onlookers were seen. That was when I just about lost it. Luckly I kept my composure, and secretly wished it upon each of the idiots around me. Now I just have to figure out how to get this fixed with telecheck - any suggestions?

Oh - and I had to abandon all my merchandise at the register and take a toy out of my 5yr old's hands. SUCKS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #219619

For us to suck "it" one must present "it".


Brad and Al. F-you and your ignorance. I own three companies and got a code 4 at sam's with $24,000 in that account and no reason for the code 4.


hey brad & al,

I cleared it up with telecheck, I did not bounce any checks and I am not looking for pity. Actually I found out I was a victim of fraud. So you can both go suck it


I had it happen at Murphy's USA ... the gas station at Walmart.

They gave me the number to telecheck and I called and complained.


didn't know why it had happened and apologized and sent me a form to fill out so "it would not happen again".

I no longer need to use that station!


Yea, quit shopping at that tax-subsidized, humanity-draining store. And quit blaming someone else for your financial irresponsibility.

Telecheck denied your check because you have bounced too many checks. That's on you.

Why is it when people have problems at Wal*Mart, they always seem to have a 5 year old kid in tow? It's not buying you any more pity - in fact it smacks of irresponsibility :x

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