I found out the hard way that they

only guarantee phones for 14 days

Never again will I buy a phone from Walmart.

Walmart should not sell telephones if they can not

guarantee them for at least one year. They neef

to train their employees that the

customers are the reason they have

a job. They need to treat. the customers

with utmost respect. I am contemplating

never to shop at Walmart due to this incident.

I was out of town with my granddaughter

and great grandson, with no telephone

and the only solution Walmart could

come up with was buy another telephone

or mail my telephone in and wait

ten days for another telephone.

Monetary Loss: $105.

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Never, ever order a Television from Wal-Mart.com. They run bait and switches.

I ordered a 50-inch Sceptre TV from them, great deal, but after 9 days they still haven't shipped. That means zero tracking information when I check my order. They say it's on back order, and that they may have to cancel the order after 10 days "if we can't find one some where." those are their exact words. But then I go to the web site and see they are still advertising this TV at the sale price, and still taking orders!!!

Why are they still taking orders on them? That's shady business, in my book. I demanded equal price on a comparable set, and they said they can only do 10% of the original price on the set they can't deliver. Wow, how generous!

(sarcasm). This is clearly the old bait-and-switch. I can't find a comparable set for that price. That's why I was sucked into this to begin with!!

The low price!! I can't get such a deal in-store either. The only thing they offered me is 60 dollars more, a 46-inch Hisense. Which is a Chinese-made brand I've never even heard of.

LED, and I would have taken it. But they won't match the price of my failed order.

That's dirty business, too. False advertising, bait and switch, stick your TV's where the sun don't shine, Wal-mart!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #700924

I think the only reason you are saying the employees were rude was because they told you no. 15 days is plenty of time to see if a phone works.

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