This loud mouth man was shouting at people in the store to not go near him. Everyone was wearing masks and gloves and he was the one polluting the air with HIS breath.

Not one employee in the store told this man to pipe down. He just kept ranting at everyone.

People if your going to come to the store without a mask, scarf or gloves and display a Dont come near me attitude then just stay home. Its hard enough shopping and staying away from one another without having to listen to your nastiness.

Location: Waterbury, Connecticut

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Walmart employees lose their jobs if they confront customers. Nothing anybody can do but ignore these ***


I witnessed the same not only in Walmart but groceries stores too. I’ve seen people covering their faces and wearing gloves and still getting yelled at by people not wearing anything at all.

It’s hard trying to stay six feet apart when your trying to get down an aisle with others in it. Especially when their reaching in front of you for something.


I’ve noticed that too. People are going into the store and saying Don’t bring your germs near me.

And getting really defensive. I’m risking my life everytime I’m in a store but I don’t become aggressive towards others. People need food to live. That’s just the way it is and if people don’t want other people near them than just stay home.

Sometimes when your in a area of a store it becomes hard to stay six feet apart when everyone is in the same spot. I can’t wait for this to be over.


I find that too. People are becoming more and more nastier in stores.

I wear a mask and gloves and try to maneuver through the store while trying to stay six feet apart from others and still I get dirty looks. I was waiting in line and dropped an item on the floor and bent over to pick it up and the man in front me turned around and yelled at me.

I was no where near him. It’s getting so bad shopping now that I’m going to try to limit my shopping trip to once a week.

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