Apollo, Pennsylvania

At noon on Saturday, June 9, 2012, only 5 regular checkouts were open. The lines weren't moving very fast. I moved an unattended cart, holding someone's place in line while they picked up more items. The customer returned, screamed at me that I had no right. She pulled my cart out into the main aisle and regained her spot in line. I responded in the same loud voice she used and much to my embarrassment, lost my cool and told her shut up, that she had regained her place in line and we were done.

After she paid, she came very close to my face and whispered that I was lucky this happened in Walmart, some place else, she would stick me. Nice clientele in Walmart, threatening to stab me over a place in line. The cashier and other customers in line looked, but said nothing. I didn't report the threat, but did try to speak with a manager on my way out of the store about the fact that at noon on a Saturday, only 5 checkout lanes were open. Her response was that she just got back from lunch and didn't know what was happening. She said, "They give us limited staff. It is what it is."

Oh, the other customer left part of her purchase on the bagging carousel and the cashier left me waiting for almost 3 minutes while he attempted to catch up with her, going all the way into the parking lot. The consequences, probably none. This will no doubt be ignored by Walmart since customer service is not claim to fame.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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The only terrible people are your parents who never taught you not to touch anyone's stuff. You had no right to touch someone else's cart. Or perhaps you are the terrible one because your parents actually did teach you better and you ignored their advice.

Nice clientele of you for cutting in line and pushing someone's cart out of the way. Did the customers and cashier say anything when you acted like you are two years old?

If they did not have limited staff than they would have to raise the prices and you would complain about that. The manager has a right to their lunch break.

Seriously grow up. If you had not pushed her cart out of the way than none of this would happen. You caused this to happen. Why should they help you when your childish behavour caused you to be threatened. If they did not say anything about you cutting in line and starting the whole incident why should they say anything to her?

You complain that the customer left the package on the carousel and about how you had to wait until he caught up to her. Well guess what if it were you who left it on the carousel and no one reminded you of the package you would be complaining about that.

They will probably ignore this complaint, just like they ignored your childish behavior of attempting to cut in line.


IfItDoesntSaySpringdaleAr/MrsLea - You did forget something in Aisle 4...your brain.


Shuffle your feet, lose your seat...or in this case, your place in line. I carry a knife in my purse.

I live in a bad neighborhood. I would have opened my purse, showed her my knife and asked if she would like to put her money where her mouth is.

I am so sick of those kind of people who think they own the world and can bully people. Fight back.


yet another MsLea related story.


That is the stupidiest thing I have ever heard IfItDoesntSaySpringdaleAr...If you get out of line, you forfeit your spot. Plain and simple. C'mon people.


Anonymous, if your spent your time complaining to the manager about the understaffing of checkout clerks at Wal-Mart instead of the fact that someone in line threatened you with bodily harm, it makes me wonder your priorities.

Since someone threatened to "stick" you in a checkout lane, why didn't you even mention it to the manager? They could have detained that person until the police could intervene.

Do you not know that making a threat of violence against you is an "assault by threat" and is a police matter?

Why didn't it occur to you to mention the confontation to the manager and/or call 911 instead of complaining to her about having to wait in line longer than you anticipated to be checked out? :x


I will show this complaint to my husband who works at Wal-Mart's Home Office. You shouldn't be moving other people's carts.

What if that was my cart and I simply forgot to get one item? I deserve to get back in line because it's not my fault you got in line after me.