Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When I went to checkout, I ended up in the line of the cashier I do not like. Her bagging skills are terrible. And last night was the

last straw. I had three items and she put them in the smallest bag she can find. I said that wasn't going to work and demanded a

bigger bag. After I gave she gave me the receipt, I told her to learn to bag. I bet she treats other customers this badly. When I

found her manager, I told them that the cashier needs some bagging skills or she needs to be fired. A small bag for three items is

terrible bagging and unacceptable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Use self serve checkout and bag it yourself.


You got your panties in a wad over bagging???? Wow, nothing bad has ever happened to you for you to be this mad over bagging Get a freaking life!!!!



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Not to mention a lawsuit. You know everything you did is on tape right?

If the cashier or the mother wanted to press charges she could. Also if you assulted the child they may alredy handed over the video to the cops.


If you harass the cashier, not only will you eventually be banned from the store, you may get harassment charges brought against u by the police!! You are *** *** and i hope you get your *** kicked!


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