This is the feedback regarding to the location Walmart superstore 1827 Walnut Grove Ave, Rosemead, CA

I came here today (12/19) at the time between 3-3:40pm. I went to the electronic cashier (an older female) and asked if they could price match from Office Depot that we saw in store for $180, but was also online as well. The sale associate said maybe but would have to ask the manager. She came back with the manager "Jorge". Jorge asked us what could he help us with? We told him if the store carry the nexus 7. Out of no where, another Hispanic customer come and interrupted while we were speaking to him. He turns around and helps them when he didn't even help us when we were there first. He could've simply and professionally ask the customer to wait for the turn so he could finish helping us. I really find that rude/lack of customer service. While my friend and I wait even though we were first. I hear his conversation with the customer (a married couple with an infant). The customer asked if he could price match some smart touch screen device, the same one they found "online ads" from another store. He gladly said yes. Then he waited until they pull up the ads online. He turn back to us and ask us "can I help you". We then had to explain we wanted a price match from Office Depot and they sell it in the store for $180. He then told us "no, it has to be an newspaper ads". First of all, we were first. Second of all, he turn around and help the "Hispanic" customer. Third of all, I see lack of customer service/ and not professional. I don't know is it because my friend and I is asian and that he might not want to help us, but to help his people? I don't know is there's some kind of racial discrimination, but i was very upset because I see no proper management. And I took my business else where.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Get out of California is all I can say. That state is going down the crapper thanks to their support of illegal immigration.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #761794

4th of all (if there is such a thing)....get over yourself......yes you were first...Be the bigger person and let it go...shat like that happens. Not all cultures have the same standard of rudeness......you obviously have never been outside the US......

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #761781

Get used to it. You are rapidly becoming a minority in your own country.

You guys in California voted Moonbeam in and now must take the consequences.

Best to shop anywhere other than WalMart, anyway. Even if you have to pay a bit more, why give them your business?

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