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I went to buy denta sticks at my local walmart, the sign said, on an end cap, that it was 11.98 but I was charged 15.98. Went to customer service told them about it they sent someone to do a price check, she took a while to look for the treats (They were on an end cap in plain sight) and came back to tell me i didnt know what I was talking about and treated me like I was blind!

Telling me that no the only ones she could find were 15.98.

I gave them back and got my money back as I was not impressed, went back to the end cap to check myself and they were infact 11.98. I have picture proof of it being 11.98 I am not impressed with the service and the sign clearly needs to be changed if they isnt the real price

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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North Richland Hills, Texas, United States #879252

I do agree with you about the pricing issue! I picked up a computer game from an endcap in electronics that had a 15.98 price point on the display.

I work in retail so I know how merchandise can be misplaced by other customers. The issue is besides the other games on the endcap the one I was to purchase had duplicate copies of the same game on the endcap. I placed the game in my cart along with my other purchases including grocery items. Since the store I shop at has self checkout, and due to this they minimally staff the full service lanes.

I proceeded to self checkout to complete my purchases. When I scanned the game from the 15.98 endcap it rang up as 39.99 at the self checkout. After I alerted the self checkout attendant of the price discrepancy they said I would have to return to the electronics department to get the price verified. The attendant told me they would have to void my transaction and put my items aside until I get the price issue corrected.

When I returned to the electronics department I searched for an employee, I found one after 15 minutes of searching. After explaining the price discrepancy to the employee for the game I selected on the endcap for the 15.98 price, the employee took the game to the register to do a price check and said its 39.99. I explained clearly the items were stocked in the wrong place, and there were multiple copies of the same game on the endcap. I should get the game for the 15.98 price, its not my fault the store made the mistake.

Then the employee said they would have to call a CSM to handle the situation, so I waited another 20 minutes on the CSM to show up after multiple pages. Tired of waiting I said lets just go to customer service and deal with this pricing issue there. After going to customer service the employee said to the customer service employee I want the item for 15.98 and it scans for 39.99. After I heard that I told the employee at customer service the situation about multiple copies of the game on the endcap under the 15.98 price, and I would like it for that price as displayed.

The employee called a CSM to customer service, so I wait again. After another 15 minutes, a CSM shows up, and says, they cannot approve that price it requires a salaried member of management. I said, okay so let me talk to that person, another 20 minutes goes by because they told me that manager was on break. When the salaried member of management shows up, I again explained the pricing discrepancy.

They then said the lowest they could sell the item is half price. At this point after stating my argument several times, I just gave in and paid the half price for the item. Then I went back to the self checkout to purchase my additional items, and they had a shift change. All of my items I wanted to purchase had been put back!!

I see it like this, Walmart insulates their upper management, and makes the customer wait purposely so they just give up on a pricing issue and either pay it or leave completely.

I have written walmart about the poor customer service in this situation and have had NO response. I am in management with retail, and if its a true mistake in pricing and its clearly our fault as is this situation at walmart we will fix it right then and there to make the customer happy, we don't make you wait over an hour to take care of the customer.

to Nick #879261

Yea the entire endcap was full of these which blew my mind how she could even miss it too :/ must be a rather big error. Sucks about your experience it just urg and they caught me on a terrible day to.

Grin and bare it and try not to be a total *** and yell at people right? Haha..

to mr #879268

The worst part is I am black so they threatened me by saying they would check the camera to see who put the games there, and I got scared that they would fix the tape and make it look like I did it. It is hard being black, you are discriminated against.

I worked at Target, in retail and I got fired for stealing something but two white girls were late to work three times and they are still working. I break one rule one time they fire me yet these girls can break the same rule three times and still work. The manager of that Target being a white male probably has a lot to do with this. I had a bad experience with getting the games, but now I will be shopping at Kmart, my girlfriend is not allowed to shop at Target.

She can shop at Walmart I dont give a fudge about that, but she is not allowed to shop at Target. I have a right to yell at people so shut the *** up you racist. I am 16 years old that is probably they are not responding to my mail.

I sent them a letter and they did not reply. This was two days ago, if they really cared they would be sending a gift card and reply back through fed ex, but being a 16 year old black teen they don't care.


Okay you have a picture with proof, where is this "picture"?

to Anonymous #879202

Can't upload here now can I?!

to Anonymous #879203

I never said I took a picture, I said I wished I had taken a picture before because when I went back she had changed the sign to $15.98

to marandar Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #880162

No, you said that you have picture proof.

First Born Triplet
to realm188 #880168

I see that as well, and unless someone is posing as the OP, she or he also said that the sign was the same when she or he went back to check, now he or she is saying that the associate changed the sign.

to Anonymous #879269

You are racist and are just picking on this person because they are from Canada, leave them alone you big bully. I had the same problem where the price was wrong as well.

So before you go around making racist remarks leave them alone. They had a very good complaint, as I did and racist people bash my review.

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