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I ordered a ride on toy jeep for my grandson for Christmas on The next day i discovered 2 more orders for the same item had been placed and over $500 was charged on my debit card.

I contscted ealmart and they said i had to call Best Product Services to get the two unauthorized charges taken off. I stayed on hold and never spoke. To or reveived an email from 3rd party vendor. I need my money they took and the vendor wants to charge me $100 to return something i didnt order.

I will never order from these scammers again and or their stores wont get my money again. This has been a nightmare and its not resolved yet.

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Your initial mistake was in using a debit card. Why, oh why do people use debit cards or allow someone to just take money from their bank accounts?

Always use a credit card online as your money is not gone immediately.

You can dispute the erroneous charge(s) on a debit card, and you may be successful, but since your money is now gone, you are at the mercy of a third party to refund the money. Good luck.