Denver, Colorado

I went into the store to purchase an Ipod Touch for my son's Birthday. Based on stating that the store on 8th St in Colorado Springs had 6 of these units in stock.

i went into the store and amazingly they had 0. I spoke with an Associate in Electronics who stated their inventory and the inventory stated on the website are always wrong and that the Associates are very frustrated because Mgmt doesn't care. I was very upset as this was for a Birthday gift. The associate asked if I would like to speak with the Store Mgr and I said yes.

The Store Mgr came out and spoke with me. I told her the story and she said that its not her fault that the inventory reported online is not the same as in the store. I stated that it wasn't even close and the associate said that the inventory has been wrong for months and Management makes the associates deal with the upset customers.

The Store Manager said that is part of their job and started to walk away when i stopped her and asked for her Supervisors name and the only answer I got was to call 1-800-Walmart in which all you get is a recording. The Store manager at 8th street should be fired and never allowed to deal with another customer again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I have searched and it is true their site will say 'in stock' or 'limited stock' or 'out of stock', the information is almost always wrong. In fact, I have found what I was searching for at stores that their website indicated they were 'out of stock'.

Academy is great since you can find what you want online call a store and they will tell what stores have them and how many they have in stock but they do stress calling and verifying before making a trip to the store and they are great about holding the merchandise.

If you are in the store and they don't have your size or are out of what you are looking for they will contact other stores for you and have them hold it for you, they have wonderful helpful attitude towards their customers. Always remember to get the employees name and leave your name.


This is why you call the store before you go there to make sure. Also the website will say item in stock, limited stock, or out of stock, it won't give a number.


You know, what is interesting is that the website claims to have access to store inventory, and they DO NOT. The individual stores can not even access each other's inventory. Something interesting about Walmart inventory though...when you scan an item it may show you have it, when in fact you do not. What this is is PREBILLED merchandise. That means the vendor has charged the store and added it to the inventory in advance of the shipment.

Your issue would be with the WEBSITE store since they are the ones who gave you the wrong information. NO STORE has any control over the website as it is a SEPARATE business with SEPARATE inventory.

No matter what website you buy from, if it says it is located at a physical store location, always CALL first. ONLY the people working IN the store can tell you what is on hand.

What you could have done, is ordered it online, (and got it cheaper with free shipping) and had it shipped to the store of your choice.


so it's the employees fault that a website that they have nothing to do with isn't working? you can call ahead of time too, you know. calm down and stop looking for people to yell at.


You should be banned from all stores and never able to shop again. is the one who had the incorrect information, not that particular store.

The store and the manager did nothing wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself.


I don't understand how you expect any retail store to keep the website updated, constantly. In case you have never noticed, the store websites sometimes have items that aren't handled in the store at all.

Also the stores have items that aren't on their websites. As far as your attitude goes towards the manager, I think it was really petty of you to ask to speak to a manager about this matter.

Buy your kid a gift card in that amount and then he can get whatever he wants and if he wants to wait until the store gets the equipment in, he can buy it himself. You are acting like a spoiled brat.