Dallas, Texas

I walked in to return a coffee maker that didn't work. The clerk asked me if anything was wrong with it.

I calmly said it didn't work. He laughed and said that he was calling Loss prevention. The LP guy accused me of stealing and detained me and strip searched me. The police came and took me away.

I finally got everything resolved. I am going to file lawsuit against Walmart. They don't treat customers good. I am mad as heck.

I told my kids at my daycare never to shop at Walmart. I will also expell kids who shop at Walmart.

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I had my stuff in my basket,went to the door to look and she if my wife was going to the truck to get the debit card and they accued me of stealing, never went out the doors. I was taken to jail,now I will file sue for discriminate and fale assumtions.


wow1 If your gonna make up stories at least make them sound a little believable. Walmart doesn't and did not strip search you or any other customer.

They don't call the police on customers unless there is a cause to and you can't expel children for shopping at walmart or any place else for that matter, unless of course you want a lawsuit brought against yourself. Next please!


The Walmart loss prevention people have no authority to strip search you. Regardless of whether you are telling the truth about whether you stole something or not, you have a lawsuit against Walmart anyway because of violations of the loss prevention department.

That is if this story is even real.


You having a bad day M O R O N or do you just think your funny? Surprise!

Your neither!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll :roll :roll :roll

Sara L

There is something seriously fishy about your story. Did you have a receipt?

If the police actually came and took you away then there is obviously alot you're not telling us. Sorry, don't buy it.