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I had a terrible experience with Walmart Optical. I have purchase years ago bifocal glasses from lenscrafter, I thought I should have extra pair and decided to save money and buy the spare glasses from Walmart Supercenter #2593 E Serene Ave, Las Vegas.

I regret I didn't read the many bad reviews of Walmart Vision Center eye care Service. Long story short after spent money on the Store optometrist's prescription, and waiting 3 weeks for the glasses, it came out all wrong, the first time I put them on I couldn't read signs across the store it was all blare out, I been told I have to get use to them for couple weeks, well, it was all a 'get around' excuse. I end up not wearing the new glasses. I will never do business with Walmart Optical again.

You should never try to bargain when it comes to your eye care. Let Walmart do their core business selling balk groceries and merchandize, trusting your eyes at a place that provide optical service only and not with company that sell, vegetables bread cheese electronics and tires.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Pros: Good price.

Walmart Cons: Terrible experience with walmart optical.

  • Bad Walmart
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Every pair of glasses I have purchased whether it be at the optometrists office Walmart or elsewhere has taken a little getting used to. If they don't get better after a week or two go back.

The Walmart in my area has always honored their warranty.

Once to change lenses for me and once for my mother that decided she didn't like hers. It doesn't seem unreasonable that they wouldn't have you try wearing them rather than re-ordering right away.


Sounds like you spent $400 on glasses which seems rather excessive. Know that there is a huge mark-up and much profit to be made in the eyeglass industry.

The frames are usually outrageously expensive and of dubious, low quality to begin with and the actual lenses are often not correctly "ground" as they say. Your recourse is, of course to demand Walmart either furnish you a pair of glasses with the correct refraction or refund your money. If they delay, refuse, etc. then just dispute the charge with your card company.

On a purchase such as this it is always wise to use a credit card and not cash or a debit card. That being said, it also sounds like the optometrist or whatever Walmart calls them may have made a mistake is the correct prescription for you. That, or someone at the plant where the lenses were ground made a mistake. Who knows?

I had a pair of spare glasses made at Walmart last year but the prescription had been from my regular ophthalmologist and all went well. Good luck, but never accept bad results or pay for someone's mistake.