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This pharmacy is refusing to fill my prescriptions on medications I've taken for over 10 yrs. Giving me reasons that I could overdose!!!

WHAT??? and why now?? I'm a grown up and never had any issues with my medications but they want to override my Medical Physician's decision to put me on my meds. If she wants to tell me what meds to take she should have gone to medical school.

MOVED ALL my meds to Kroger today. They refused to fill them and then telling me I had to wait until they call my doc on Monday.

Well too late Wal-Mart and I will be contacting my Dr. Monday - not YOU!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You will find a pharmacist has had a lot more training about the drugs they dispense that the doctors writing the prescriptions. Maybe you don't bother reading or listening to the news but there is a lot of abuse of prescription pain killers going on and more is being done to try and stop it.

You will find it harder and harder to get many of these medications. Don't blame the pharmacists, they are only doing their job.


Other than people thinking Walmart's prescription prices are so low as to obviate the rudeness and inefficiency of their pharmacy personnel I have never seen a reason to get scripts filled at a pharmacy that actually closes for lunch. In your case, get a new script from your doctor and go to Kroger or any other pharmacy.