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Terrible service at Wal-Mart's in Woodhaven, Michigan: On Saturday August 25, 2018; I had no other issues of any kind with my vehicle that indicated a major problem prior to coming to the Wal-Mart store on Allen St. near West Road in Woodheaven, Michigan; other than what’s mentioned in this email; both head lights were working because both lights reflected off the building when I pulled in at the store, I only had one fog light that was out and needed to be replaced, everything else was working fine otherwise the guy that took my service order and went outside looked in and around my car would have noticed and mentioned that my engine light was on, that there was a smelled of radiator fluid, or the smell of hot burned metal, and radiator fluid being all over the ground prior to taking the car in the back to do any kind of service work; its especially important to notice things like this because cameras only capture the obvious; and not so much or not all that which is not obvious require to notice things like this… other than a needed oil change I had no serious issues like what resulted.

And since I live close by I went to the Wal-Mart store nearest me because it was convenient; and around 3:30 PM that 25th day of August Saturday afternoon I went to Wal-Mart just before going to work which was only about 2, less than 3 miles away from the Wal-Mart Store; my oil censor symbol light was on as a warning, not because I smelt that something was wrong… I checked the oil and I knew that the oil was low; but not empty, and it was time for an oil change maintenance, and my car’s oil light was my only concern because at the short distance of 8 miles for two days wouldn’t hurt or damage the engine to the extent that it was. And also my seat belt light was my only malfunctioning light that always came on when I started up my car. I’m in neighboring distance to the Wal-Mart store and a frequent shopping customer; and after bring the majority of my business transactions to Wal-Mart over a great number of years I’ve only had two disappointing experiences; and both of them occurred this year 2018. The first complaint was reported earlier this year during the Spring after purchasing Marketplace Organic Spinach with green bugs in It, and no one even cared, the person that I made the report to said that someone will be getting back to me at the store or from headquarters, and that didn’t happen; and I continued to shop there, have used several thousand of my earnings in support of Wal-Mart’s bottom line because I like the savings I get; and not so much as allowed $20 cash back; and I continue to do the majority of my shopping there …and now this with my car. I don’t believe in coincidences; I only believe in cause, effect and what happens in the experience that gives me reason that’s worthy to respond; and I choose to go about this matter in a good way; and I’m sharing the bad experience I had at Wal-Mart Store with you. “On Saturday August 25, 2018 around 3:30 PM I went to Wal-Mart’s for an oil change, and afterwards I drove off the property, and crossing West Rd. for about 2000 feet and my vehicle’s engine light came on, started smoking, and smelling like oil, and radiator fluid; at first I thought since they did an oil change, checked (so I thought) and capped off all the fluids and accidently spilled over onto the hot engine that’s why the smoke and the smell of radiator fluid; and proceeded the 2 mile distance to work; four hours later as I started my vehicle and headed for home, again I’m seeing and smelling smoke from something burning as I headed home which was a quick 3 ½ miles, got home and parked it to let whatever caused the smell and smoke dry up; the following morning headed for work again the same thing happen; instead of an 8 hour work day I could only do 4 hours work and called off 4 hours of work pay of $ 40.00; called Wal-Mart, and the young man that I spoke with said to take the car to Auto Zone and have them check it out and he smelled radiator fluid too, and when he checked there was no fluid at all, and when he added fluid it all ran out, then he plug it up to a diagnostic meter to determine what was wrong, and the read out was Thermostat, and recommended that I get it home and park it otherwise is junk.

And he suggested a mechanic he knew at the Downriver Auto Service Shop, and I took the car there and he did what was needed to get the vehicle running again, and got both front lights in working order for free! And the cost of this inconveniencing experience was $371.96; And emotional distress of $1000.00 for issues that could result in more domino effects that I shouldn't have to worry about; and I feel that its fair, and a deserving request for all this person that is a representation of a reputable company like Wal-Mart's have put me through; I still love Wal-Mart and this is a request not a suit. I hope that we will find a medium to resolve this matter." Look forward to your reply.

Kind regards, 20180913_140004.jpg 20180913_135225.jpg 20180903_123853.jpg 20180913_140123.jpg 20180913_135726.jpg 20180913_135133.jpg

Today 10-9-18, after speaking with Wal-Mart's Claim Manager, S. Abbott; it was a total disregard for me as a customer, I've purchased thousands of dollars combined over the many years in products, and services; I've done business with them and they never by my request granted me a $20 cash back; they sell you high cost Organic Vegetables that has bugs, and when you complain you're ignored...my thing is why make this claim when there's bugs still inside the sealed packages??? And as regards to my car's damage that they caused, I get it, if I had waited a week, or, two weeks, or more, and they disregarded my claims but I reported my disappointment the very next day. So now I'm in search of an Attorney to sue...

If the issue with my car was my fault the Chevy Dealer would've said something; but decided to get the oil change savings from Wal-Mart's. I wouldn't waste time with trying to get Wal-Mart to right this wrong doing, accident, deliberate or negligence etc; and what's odd about this situation is a guy came out from the service area and asked whose the Chevy Aveo, I said mine, he said nothing more, turned around, went back into service area ???...two guys spoke to me directly and mentioned nothing to me other than it needs a fuel injection device due to the 70,000 mileage point. And even the guy that did the work said nothing. I trusted them with my livelihood and they betrayed that trust...it's Wal-Mart responsibility for the damages to my car and in denial about it. And only I and their auto oil change maintenance guys know what happened...I'm willing to take a lie detector test, but are they willing? I have better things to do and this issue is very upsetting and causing me emotional distress. I feel there's a double standard that means a customer is valued as long as we're making purchases otherwise you're not so valuable to them if you have a customer's complaint against them; what happened to me I don't want to happen to anyone else,.and people should be made aware of careless act's of others! Because of this disappointing experience at Wal-Mart's I will not ever trust them again with my car, and I was told not to take it there but didn't listen to warning; and now I'll be in search of savings at Kroger's, Meyers, and elsewhere for all my bulk and major purchases.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Walmart Cons: Lied to.

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And Walmart has to put up with idiots like this!


Disliked. The claims (lies) made on receipt check list; and the fact that out of three servicemen not one of them thought to mention that something was wrong... if they checked the fluids like they checked off as completed why is it on the following day AutoZone added Radiator fluid that ran out instantly; the same thing should have happen when Wal-Mart's Oil Change Service guy added, Radiator fluid completing check ...claiming to have checked rear wiper when clearly weren't applicable; and, the Auto Shop that did the repairs to my car added Window Washer fluid to container...


Huh? What?


I cannot make heads or tails of this complaint due to paragraphs with walls of text.