Harvey, Louisiana
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I was at the Harvey Louisiana store and had the worst shopping experience that I can ever remember, and I am middle aged. I stopped by the salon on the way in to get some shampoo.

The cashier couldn't figure out how to ring it up, so after 10 minutes I walked away. There were many products with no price tag. Many products I normally buy at another Walmart were not stocked. After 10 minutes of searching the store I couldn't find an associate to help me life a microwave into my cart.

And to top it all off, there were 8 of 20 lanes open with lines at each at least 10 carts deep. By the time I got to next in line, my cold items were warm.

I left my cart and the store in a fury. Walmart will never see my face or my money again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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First off, the sailing is not part of the walmart. They rent that space from the walmart.

Second, not all walmarts carry the same things. There are going to be some walmarts you can buy your product at, that aren't sold at that walmart. And third, 8 registers is a lot to be open.

It isn't their fault they were swamped and already had all the cashiers on a register. Sounds like you are just impatient.