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This evening I went to walmart. It's not my favorite place to go but I needed to try and return an ink cartridge that an employee had sold me when I bought my printer.

It was the wrong cartridge. I knew full well prior to attempting to return this item that they may not take it back. It was opened. It wouldn't work in my printer so I thought it was worth a shot.

The customer associate at the service counter left briefly to ask a manager if the item could be returned. When she came back, she informed me that it couldn't be returned. Aside from her neck tattoo and her unkempt appearance, she was professional and kind. She told me I could speak with the manager if I wanted to and I thought it would be worth a shot.

After all, it was an employee that suggested I buy that ink. (I bought a printer from walmart. I didn't know that ink came with the printer and asked the same employee that had helped me choose a printer to provide me the ink to go with the printer. They did.

It was the wrong ink.)I thought that there was a slim chance that because it was an employees error, perhaps I would be able to speak to the customer service manager and obtain a more favorable result. I approached her and very kindly explained what happened and how I ended up with the wrong ink. I was prepared for another no but I was not prepared for the response that I received from her. Her reply was "We can't return the ink." I said "Even though it was an employee error?" (I was still being very even tempered.) She replied very rudely "Well NO, if we return it then we have to eat it!" My even temper quickly turned to hot tempered.

I could not believe I was being spoken to in this manner. I said "Oh, so I suppose I should just EAT IT?" I was more upset about her tone and the unprofessional manner in which she was speaking to me than anything. I reminded her that it was an employees mistake that resulted in me ending up with the wrong ink. She raised her voice with me and in a very confrontational tone said "It was YOUR responsibility to be sure YOU had the RIGHT ink when YOU bought it!" I replied "It was the electronic departments RESPONSIBILITY to sell me the right ink to go into the printer that I bought WITH the ink!" and with that I turned and walked away from her.

I was so angry. I was insulted and shocked. After I calmed down I walked back to her and asked her for her superior. She called them and I waited by the service desk.

I waited for 20 minutes before another employee came to me and informed me that Brandon was unavailable but Sam would be out momentarily. I waited another 5 minutes. Another employee approached me and told me "We're going to go ahead and do your exchange." I said " I am not even worried about the exchange now. I am worried about the way I was just treated by the customer service manager Leza.

I want to speak with a manager. I was treated unfairly and in an unprofessional, disrespectful, condescending manner and I am far beyond being worried about my ink." This employee told me that the managers were "not able to come out." After 25 minutes waiting, my suspicion was confirmed. Wal mart was not concerned with customer satisfaction at all. It was not a priority for them.

I will NEVER ever shop at Wal mart again. They can contact me when they're ready to have a real customer service manager, ME. Had this manager simply said "I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and for the error of our employee. Unfortunately, it is the store policy that we do not accept returns/exchanges on ink cartridges.

I understand your frustration and I hope that in the future, we are able to assist you without error." THAT would have been fully acceptable to me. Being treated like garbage by a CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER who has the interpersonal communication skills of a convicted felon was unacceptable.

Note to Wal mart, you would have more customers, happier employees and generate more revenue if your stores weren't run like a homeless shelter. I have no interest in ever buying any of your higher price lower value items ever again.

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A lot of imbeciles and naive children commenting here that obviously have no clue what customer service is. It's pretty evident they've never had to deal with a *** employee attitude either.

They're hypocrites too.

If I were to lecture and belittle you for trying to return something, I can guarantee you won't be singing the same tune lol.

I would have pushed until this trashy "manager" got fired. She obviously had no business dealing with customers nor the capacity to speak professionally.


Honestly...i think all of the commenters saying wahhh he's being a big baby are *** I have worked in customer service for years, and I can tell you I have had rude customers that ended up with nothing and nice customers that ended up with me calling my DM to figure out something extra for them. However, no MATTER HOW RUDE, I WOULD NEVER say to someone, I cant return it because we have to eat it...

Well it is quite unfortunate that the customers shopping there pays that *** salary...so she should be a little more appreciative. And if I was her boss, I would have written her up or fired her. I do not tolerate poor customer service...that is not how a company makes money.

Now it is unfortunate that this one experience made the person never want to go back...but this is the view he now has.

But he has every right to feel this way. He was treated with absolute disrespect, and it should not be tolerated for anyone dealing the the general public...especially with customer service.


I think its highly probable that people might try to return ink cartidges that no longer have ink in them. It would then make sense that they would not do a return or exchange b/c the product had been used.

Further, just b/c you say the employee recommended that ink, doesn't mean you weren't lying. People often lie to get their way even if it means throwing someone else under the bus.


I have had that same at problem at a Walmart. They told me to wait for one manager, then they switched me to another.

Finally, some junior manager made his way to the service desk after about a 20 minute wait. I wouldn't be surprised if Walmart trains their customer service managers to run that game in order to discourage the customer from making certain types of returns.


You people leaving comments are so full of ***! I bet anything all of you have been in the EXACT SITUATION at some point in your worthless lives and asked to speak to someone higher up!!

I guess you guys would have just said ahwell, right.........and I wouldn't be the lest bit surprised if you sorry redneck country losers work at Walmart!! And if you find it as a stretch that a employee would talk to a customer like that at Walmart then obviously you have t shopped there much



How clueless are you. Do you actually believe that the person told her that they had to eat it?

She just made that up and the real thing is this baby thinks telling her no is equal to rudeness.

Telling a child off who deserves to be told off is not wrong by the employee. She treats others like garbage she should be treated the same.


Your parents should have been shopping with you to make sure you got the right cartridge. Also if you knew you would have problems why did you try to make the return in the first place? What are you like eight?


sold me fake light bulbs :( :( :( :(


I agree with OP.... Idk if you should've been able to exchange it or not, but if your job is customer service you can't be going around telling people stuff like that.

That's so crude and disrespectful.

I think OP made it clear that they didn't really car that much about the ink, they just didn't think they should be treated like *** just for seeing about a possible exchange. I don't feel like they should be either.


el dia de ayer compre un cartrige para mi printer y no era el numero de cartrige que lleva desgraciadamente lo abri lo fui a devolver para cambiarlo por otro y me dijeron que porque estaba abierto no lo podian cambiar.todos quisa podemos cometer errores pero parece que ustedes asi no lo aceptan lo unico que quiero dejar saver que parece que ustedes no le importa perder un cliente que yo se que no es gran cantidad de dinero que consume a la semana como 145.00 semanales .Nunca habia yo mirado otra tienda pero creo que de aqui en adelante tendre mirar lo que ofrece Target muchas gracias espero que sigann bien


I can read fine, and I'll bet that the restaurant management school taught your attitude in the classes that you attended as well. Ever wonder why the better employees always quit your restaurant?


You will be back, trust me, you will be back.


Don't blame Wal Mart for your lack of information you provided to the clerk when buying the ink cartridge. You should have written down the model info. first before buying it.....especially after you damage the packaging....now you have to "eat it".....this should be a learning experience for YOU, the consumer :cry :cry :cry :cry


MY MY!!!!! Lets cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry