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Walmart - Advertisement Review from Tomball, Texas

Hello manager of Tomball walmart business 249. I have a problem with the employee named Clara. She's not doing her job correctly because the walmarts policy says they compare prices to other stores and give that price to customer. Every time we try to compare prices she says denied every time with some *** excuses. First time we try to compare price she said she need a broucher or advertisement paper. Next time when I get that she said that it's aldi's own product that's y they provide it for lower rate. They provide it their own rate that's y we have to compare it. Doesn't she understand what price match is. She is really rude every time whenever she's at the counter. She is really rude and in respectful employee I have ever seen at any walmart.
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Price match means that the products have to be the exact some brand and weight. You aren't going to get one stores brand for the same price as the WalMart store brand.

You also won't get a larger size item for the same price as a smaller item at another store. They do go by the ad from other stores, not by what the customer says. At my WalMart, sometimes the cashier will consult an ad, and sometimes they don't. I think it depends on how familiar the cashier is with the customer.

We shop at WalMart often enough that some of the employees are real familiar with us. WalMart does not say they compare prices with other stores, they say they price match. As a whole most customers that want to price match FAIRLY bring the ads for the other stores with them. To me it doesn't sound like you want fair treatment, it sounds like you want the rule to be broken for you.

Furthermore, just reading your complaint I get the idea that you aren't as smart as you think you are. If you were you would realize this isn't the WalMart website, it is a general complaint site.

Also your capitalization, spelling, and grammar are horrible. You should probably worry more about getting some kind of education.

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Poor customer service

Update by user Nov 21, 2014


Walmart Customer Care


You did not address the issue.

The issue is selling before your ad states.

The bigger issue, one would think is certainly more imperative, is the manner in which your store and employees treats their customers. Your response letter justifies...

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Who gets that bent out of shape over a TV anyhow? Honestly if that makes you that mad, you truly need some counselling.

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Poor customer service
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Walmart in Dallas, Texas - WALL MART BREAKING LAW! SALE

We just came back from our local Wal-Mart on N. Marsh Lane in Dallas, TX. We went over because of the Electronics sale "advertised" as "STARTING" at Midnight. We were looking for the Laptop Computer advertised. However, upon arriving back in the Electronics department, we were informed by a store employee that the store only had seventy-six (76) and that they had arlready issued seventy-six (76) tickets to customers. So much for "selling the Electronics at Midnight". I don't read the Law books every year, but the last time I did, it was stated, that the terms of sale had to be stated in the advertisement, otherwise it was illegal!! How may store employees informed friends and relatives, that tickets would be issued to customers "before" Midnight??? Thereby making the "Midnight Sale" impossible. BIG BUSINESS AS USUAL; GO OCCUPY GROUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Corporate greed is getting beyond belief, to the level of Fantasy!!! I hate to date myself, but when I was growing up, companies were honest and not greedy. Now, they are greedy and dishonest!! HAVE A GREAT DAY WAL-MART (AND ALL OF CORPORATE AMERICA).
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If you have called WalMart like every other person out there to see what they are doing for Black Friday about lines and such you would realize they hand out tickets for big items like that to stop fights breaking out and 2nd of all Did you expect to be 1st in line arriving at 12am? WalMart didn't break any laws if they did why can't you give us the name of the law they broke?


Was this your first black Friday event?


What law did they brake? Were any of the labtops sold before 12?

Most likely not.

Handing out a ticket is not the same as selling. The ticket only assured that the line was correct ant that the ones who got there first would be the ones that got the labtop.


Again tell us the exact name of the law they broke?????? Where can I find this law in the law books???????


Thats because you can't think of one to make up to give us you lying buffoon. Stop wasting everyone's time and go play in traffic.


Again tell us the exact name of the law they broke?????? Where can I find this law in the law books??????? Well?


Dumdum their ad said they were letting people get set up for the items hours in advance. What law did they break adding tickets so that people who showed up at 12 couldn't just cut in line in front of people who got there hours earlier?

Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc have all been doing tickets for years.

And yes feeling that because they didn't give you what you wanted is your own issue not them being greedy.

The fact they had 76 when the minimum quantity on a lot of these items was 8-15 should have impressed you.


Lot of People missed the main point here. There are Laws!!!

Just because you got a ticket, does not make it right. The Law is the Law. If I had known Wal-Mart was going to break the Law, I would have been at the store at 10:00 pm, like others. And as to your safety for shoppers, one store here had a female almost trampled to death!!!

And GREED has nothing to do with the situation. I'm like everyone else (I think), I just want to have the same advantages (ie: I wish I had been informed the sale was not at midnight but, that the merchandise would go to whoever was given a ticket before sale time [not in adversisement]). And there were other Wal-Mart stores here where there were problems.

Obey the Laws; their there for a reason!!!!!! PS: hope you enjoy your new laptop.


Entitlement at the civilian level is the issue not corporate greed, and that goes across every single class/race/age group in this country. You not getting what you wanted doesn't have a single thing to do with corporate greed, it's your own greed that is making you mad.


My sister and I got a laptop at midnight. Yep, with a ticket.

We stood in line to get them just like everyone else that got one. That's the way it's done. There isn't anything illegal about it. lmao.

It's done that way for the safety of the shoppers and workers. :grin


I still want to know what the name of the law is that Walmart broke? I also ant to know where it can be found?

You claim there is such a law. So find it or quit b**ching!!!


Once there are enough people in line to buy all of the stock a store has of an item, what difference does it make when they give them out? Either way, aren't getting one.

Why is that so hard to understand?

All Wal-Mart did was save you the time of waiting in line for nothing. Grow up!


Please point out to me the exact law that states all terms and conditions must be outlined in the sales ad. Please also provide me the name of the law and where the law can be found? I want to see this so caled law that you claim exist.


Another satisfied WalMart customer!! Stay away from WalMart, people.

They are arrogant and have the worst customer service of any store in the US. The only good thing about them is that they are non-union! But, that does not hardly make up for their other faults. Just go to Meijer, Target, who knows or cares where.

Just don't shop in WalMart. If you do, it won't take long for you to be disappointed and pissed.


Even the on-line site showed the laptop as out of stock from midnight on...*sigh*


I agree this is bull, but don't blame the employees. We are not told anything.


agreed, this is such a joke!

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Walmart not honoring advertisments...

I live in El Paso, Texas and our local corner store Walmart says they will match any competitors advertisement. Well, there is a new store called Ranch Market and on Thursday's they have great specials on fruit and vegetables. Walmart use to match their price. If Ranch Market was selling oranges for 6 pounds for 99 cents then Walmart would match them. Now walmart has changed their mind. They are saying that Ranch Market's fruits and vegetables are not comparable to there's, that their fruit and vegetables are bigger and better so they don't have to match them. I think this is crock, they realize that all us stay at home moms are showing up in the mornings, getting our fruits and vegetables and I guess they feel like they are losing out. I told them if that is what their new policy is, they need to put it in the front entrance so when customers come in with their Ranch Advertisments they will now that they will not be honored at Walmart.
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I saw that letter too, I also saw the OP reply rudely. I think that is why it got deleted.

She did admit that they were not the same brand as you said. Then when people told her they match by brand and by size she started using the f bomb.


Did you not write another letter, one where you said wal-marts fruits were bigger and a different brand, Where is that letter? Why did you ask for it to be deleted?

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