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As I checked out, the clerk said "Have a good one". When my receipt was cleared at the door, the associate said "Have a good one".

This happens more often than not. What happened to "Thank you"? I am a valued customer, I believe, as I shop at the Ontario, Oregon store frequently. I have even tried to look straight into the clerk's eyes and said "Thank you" to them to see if they catch my intent.

I am not doing them a favor, but without customers, they wouldn't have a job. Please remind them of this!

This also includes, "Have a nice day", or "There you go". I even received a "Uh huh" today after I thanked them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Selection of items.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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First Born Triplet

Since when were cashiers required to say thank you. They say have a good day, they give you your total and tell you what your change is. Don't get offended for small stuff.


I can see being upset by the "uh huh" but not by the "have a good one". Just like "no problem" sometimes replaces you're welcome, this is just another way to say the same thing.

How old are you? Maybe it's a generational gap.

In the old days men used to tip their hats instead of saying thank you. Things change.


Yes, the cashier making a bit above minimum wage for a company that began the process of not giving a *** about their employees after the founder died, the cashier who's had to deal with a customer insisting that "so-and-so's milk is $1.50/gallon and you have to match it" and then has to deal with the line of pissed-off customers behind him that are probably angry with him/her instead of a lying customer, the cashier who is trying to figure out how to make rent when the store is cutting his/her hours, should be falling all over himself or herself to kiss your booty and make you feel special.


The importance of manners concern only those who understand that the absence of them denotes a lack of character, self esteem and education, and refuse to allow themselves to be perceived an ***.


Wow! So you have a problem with someone wishing you a good day?

Would you like for the employees to bow or curtsey for you also? Your complaint is petty, get over yourself.

The Walmart employees are also customers at other companies of which without customers, they too would be out of business so petty people like you need to quit throwing that *** around. They don't owe you a *** thing!

to Anonymous Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #918423

the cashier usually just shows me her t*ts as a thanks when I check out.

to major *** #918667

NUH-UH~!! Um, really?

Orange, California, United States #918316

Have a good day is just as good as thank you. I am sure losing an adult as a customer who still behaves like she is six year old is not going to hurt them much.

You think you are special because you spend a dollar on a chocolate bar, or hot wheels, or a barbie doll. But face it you are not doing them a favor as you said and they will not shut down the store because of one customer.

Have mommy explain to you that have a nice day means the same as have a good one.


For heaven's sake, grow up!!!!! IF that is all you have to be concerned about, count your blessings.

What in heck difference does it make what or if the employees say anything. When I shop, I am shop, I am there to shop, not to be friendly or socialize. What anybody says, will depend on the part of the country they are originally from, their age, etc. Forget about all of these petty, little things that you consider a necessity and get on with your business.

If you don't like the employees quit shopping there.

Also why does your complaint have two different towns, in two different states? Exactly where are you from?

to anonymous Orange, California, United States #918317

According to the review Fruitland Ohio.

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