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Was "window shopping" online and found a LED TV that did what I needed so I ordered it on WALMART.COM and selected the "pick up in store" because a store next to me had the inventory - great I could get my new TV in the morning.

When I got to the store I was informed that WALMART.COM had cancelled and refunded my order because of inventory discrepancy - fine, would have been nice if I had known that before driving 1/2 hour, but fine, grabbed my phone and found 3 other locations that have inventory availability. Drove to them and on the 3rd one found one that had associates who were willing to actually look for the product "in the back" - - guess I picked the week when they were redoing their LED display wall so no one really knew where items were at the moment.

An associate came up with my model on a cart (I had shown them the WALMART.COM site so we could confirm model numbers), I finished some other shopping and checked out.

Now, granted I should have read down, line by line, the entire length of my receipt, but I was in a rush to get home. Later that night I did, and discovered I was charged 80.00 more than the price listed on line.

When I came back to the store the next day the customer service associate, her immediate supervisor, and eventually the assistant store manager were all just annoyed that I couldn't take "NO" for an answer when they explained:

1) prices displayed on line should never be taken as prices for things AT walmart retail locations

2) the ".com" is a separate company ( guess that shares trucks, associates, logos, and corporate governance) and WALMART retail refuses to price match to itself - I'm still scratching my head on that one

3) I should have known the prices were different

4) If I don't like it I'm free to return the TV I have for a refund and re-order from WALMART.COM (which of course will be stocked out of the back room of the store I was just at)

5) and by the looks on all their faces it was "please go away now"

SO - word to the wise - don't believe anything you're presented on WALMART.COM . . just save yourself time and shop AMAZON if you're online or go to some other big box if you're not - there are plenty others to choose from that actually want to be straight with their customers.

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The WalMart I go too will price match there online prices. I was told that all I need do is go to the online ordering/pickup area and ask them to price match! I've done it a few times for moderately priced items.


Well obviously you stole your parent car because you clearly(from your attitude) are not old enough to drive. If you were an adult then you would realize that not all online prices are the same as in store prices.

This is probably why you did not notice you were charged $80 more. You were too quick to return the car before your parents found it missing that you did not pay attention to how much you are charged. Either that or you were afraid he police would find a seven year old driving.

Adults can take no for an answer without throwing a temper tantrum, seven year olds like yourself cannot. What is wrong with the please go away now look, when you throw a temper tantrum like some child they don't want your service.

to Anonymous #822160

If that was true that the price would be different if you bought it at the store...then why the *** does it say on walmart .com you can choose to have it shipped to you OR you can pick it up?! So you are saying they can change the price bc you are picking it up? B.u.l.l.c.r.a.p ...stop being a ***


just call amazon they will match the price. I have had computers priced match and then amazon actually changes the computer for others newegg has a sale you can get the same price and shipped to you for free.

these chain stores need to get with the times. #walmartfail

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #807287

Well its your fault for not paying attention to the items that you are paying for. How do you not notice you are being over-charged 80 dollars?

And the reason why its cheaper online is because in the store you are paying for the cost it ttook to get it in the store.

Lexington, Kentucky, United States #807186

F*uck Walmart! I never shop there and I hope it goes out of business.

Orlando, Florida, United States #807179

To be straight most big box stores have lower prices online than in-store and they do not price match.

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