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Last year I had a miserable experience with because of glitches in the way their website supposedly accepts PayPal - but doesn't. I'd sworn I would NEVER use again, but when searching online for the best price for No-Ad SPF-45 sunblock and seeing it again on the site at $5.00 per bottle with free shipping on a $50 order, I gave in to temptation... to my regret.

Let me side-note that I am a graphic artist, and my work time is valued at $65 per hour. Between last night and the night before, I'd lost a total of $195 in work-valued time, and I am certainly not happy about this.

I'll summarize my experience, because I do not wish to stress myself any more than necessary, as my patience has worn thin with Walmart...

1. I made an order for 10 bottles of No-Ad SPF-45 sunblock at $5.00 each; free shipping - total with tax: $53.50

2. I followed all instructions precisely, checked out throuh PayPal - I get a notice the authorization failed. This is my ONLY method of payment.

3. Maria (a supervisor in the Wisconsin call center) spends more than an hour trying to assist me. She calls a Walmart store in the area to see if they'll match the online price as a one-time courtesy...THEY WON'T. Even she becomes frustrated because:

a. at one point, she offers me a $30 adjustment and waived shipping for all of my problems as I've now placed a smaller order... but the credit won't load

b. she finally says she will talk her her supervisor about the adjustment problem, and if it doesn't load by yesterday afternoon, she will try to get me further adjustment for the inconvenience I'm still dealing with.

c. she tells me she gets to work at 2:30 PM Eastern time and will call me at some point... SHE DOESN'T!

4. I again call the customer service line, and eventually get connected to another supervisor, Matthew (in Detroit). He notes that the credit is adjusted after the order is placed. I explain that PayPal is my only payment method, and we try it again, but it fails for a SECOND he suggests I place the order for in-store pickup (an inconvenience and more of my time used up, but I agree).

With him on the line, I go back to my original 10 bottle order of the sunblock, go through all of the procedures and....NO CASH OPTION ON THE SUNBLOCK FOR STORE PICKUP!

I even tried to call the store on 163rd Street in North Miami Beach, Florida to speak with a manager. The line rang for almost five minutes...someone picked it up and mumbled something incoherently. I asked for a manager and got "huh?" in reply. I repeat myself and was then put on hold... and the phone rang, and rang, and rang unanswered!

Now, after going through every option possible for my situation...

1. I can't order the sunblock and pay through PayPal

2. I can't order the sunblock and pay in cash at the store

3. I lose valuable work time

4. I lose the $30 adjustment

5. I've become so stressed that I've lost sleep....

So in return...they've lost a customer and more than likely a Walmart store customer.

I don't know what kind of business ethics they have.... but I DO believe one previous Walmart associate who at the time told me candidly "Walmart corporate management doesn't care about the customer". I believe that individual. At least ONE person told me what I've suspected. Between this experience and last year's similar fiasco where I'd wasted almost SIX hours of my time, I'M DONE!

It's now almost 3 AM and I'm so wired from all of this, I can't sleep.

THANK YOU Walmart, for POOR online service, lousy checkout pages, a $30 credit I can't use, merchandise at the right price that I can't buy...wasted time and energy and sleepless nights. I'll be sure to let EVERYONE I know just how this experience has played out. Perhaps a few of my friends and family members will shop shopping with you as well.

It's one thing to TALK about the value of customers, it's another thing to PROVE it...

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Perhaps get another method of payment like a credit or debit card so you can avoid Paypal and shop at online retailers who don't accept them as a method of payment.


Sounds to me like this is a problem with papal, not walmart. It sounds like they bent over backwards to try and help you, but it still wasn't enough for you.


Your time isn't worth anything during your downtime, ie when you're shopping. If that were the case, you would lose money anytime you slept, ate, spent time typing out ridiculously long complaints...


With respect, why would anyone who makes $65 an hour shop around for a "deal" on sunblock? An extreme analogy would be like Donald Trump searching for a deal on Q-Tips.

That is, if you have the money, you know your time is worth more so you just pick up the sunblock at the closest convenient location and, even if you pay twice as much per bottle, the convenience is worth your time.

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