I am frustrated and embaressed how Walmart employees handled this. I saw ad in sunday paper bed spread $39.(any-size) shoped, picked-up and went to buy.@ register item rung-up $39.96 (i am aware .96cents dif.) per supervistor unable to write-off .96 cents, I explained I simply wanted the ad price no writing-off to be made.(other people in line-all around us.) he fixed my price and I requsted he fix for other people since they had a entire isle filled with this sale producted and multiple shelves.

He said he would fix. But the story gets worse two days later down to two remaining sets I reserched to find they are still priced wrong.. Now I relize I must look like I have no life, but on the contrair I am just sick of this type of small price dif. that benefits walmart.

let me be clear this has happened before I simply let it go, time & time again. My addtional reserch found other near by walmart stores sold item same error price.

using scew # found on recipt I called other local walmarts and confirmed error. I can go on but I will stop for now and I will say I will call to the attention again when I see this type of error only because its WRONG !!

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use that 96 cents to buy a dictionary.

to john #1087504

I am wondering if she read the ad wrong. It is quite clear that she does not understand simple English.


This is a *** complaint.It's 96 cents,GET OVER IT!!!


You also have to watch the ring-up price on any product. We "consistently" find items that they ring up different (more expensive)than the tag price on items in the store.


i love officemax, a Walmart cashier can change the price of any item. If someone brings in a flyer with something advertised at a lower price than we're selling it for, they can do it instantly. There's a "price override" button on Walmart cash registers.


no one at the store including the manager of the store has the ability to change the price an item rings up at the register. errors happen.

they have thousands of "skus" and pricing errors occur. it happens at every retail location. get over it. leave a address and i will send you .96 cents.

and who calls days later to see if the price was fixed.

wow, talk about no life. if it happened before then why not mention it.

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