Conroe, Texas
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The Walmart store in Conroe,TX. #400 does not sell the American Flag.

There are men and women dying everyday to keep this country and this store Free,

and this is their way of giving thanks.

I ride with the S.E.Texas Patriot Guard Riders.

We pay honor to Americas fallen Heroes Military,Law enforcement,Firefighters,and First Responders.

We fly flags on our motorcycles and on our windows to show Honor to them for giving up their Life for us.

I would like to know when this so called American store became so uncaring for the American people.

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Walmart was taken over by the board of directors that represent themselves only. They represent the greed and horror of Anti-American traitors.

They have been taken over by the Clintons and such.

No longer a family owned All American Company. Walmart is an Anti-American corporation.


Come to ICT, we sell them here.


Probably would not have to look too far to find a mexican flag for sale, though.


They are not uncaring about American people they just don't sell flags unless it was the fourth of July. However you should have seen the stores after 9/11, they ordered like thousands of flags and they were all sold out by 9/12 not just wal-mart, Kmart, Target ect.There is a war going on so perhaps they should sell the U.S flags. Kmart and Target don't sell them either.